Saturday, May 31, 2008

Looking for Jason Castro?

Omigosh, tonnes of people came by my site after searching for Jason Castro, our boy's super popular! Mostly from the United States, but also from places like Finland and the Philippines. Dreadheads are still hungry for Jason Castro news weeks after he was eliminated (unfairly imo but AI's loss nobody else's). So welcome, Dreadheads, I am one of you :)

Some 15,000 people attended the Rockwall Loves Jason Homecoming. That's amazing and a heckuva lot more than the number at a certain 3rd placed contestant's homecoming ;) Videos of the event can be found here.

When I went MIA the past weeks, I was mostly surfing at the AI forums, but I now check daily at Daydreamingboy. Jason's songs can be found on the main site while most AI forumers have moved on to the forum on the DDB site. Jason's mum posts here and she's soooo funny. Any important news on Jason can also be found on Castrocopia, the site owners McLovin and Liz Lemon are also soooo funny and awesome. Dreadheads are a humourous bunch.

Guess my gig is up, now you all know exactly how crazy I've been. It's not a Mrs Robinson thing, he's just got that something that makes millions of moms go all protective when the judges throw him under the bus. Could it be his face? To call it angelic is an understatement, don't you think?

By the way, Jason started out in music as a drummer, he only started singing 2 years before trying out on AI. Here's a picture of him drumming pre-Idol days.

Word is that he'll be drumming to Barracuda with Cook on guitar and Carly rocking it out on the AI tour this summer. Makes me wanna jump on the Singapore Airlines plane from Moscow direct to Houston (plug: 4 times a week flights) come August 24, that's the tour date for Houston at Toyota Centre, and just 5 days before I turn 39. What a thought! One can dream right?

*News ALERT*
There will be shirtless drumming at the tour...*faints*


Alcovelet said...

Woman, you're too funny! It is true though, that darkly fringed blue eyes is mesmerizing ...

Lilian said...

:) Any wonder then that the other contestants' nickname for him is Lashes.