Sunday, May 04, 2008

Life throws me a curve ball

Firstly, congratulations to blog-friend Stef. Stef talks about being thrown a curve ball in her latest post. She's expecting! Congratulations dear!

I too was thrown a curve ball recently, hence the extended radio silence. Mine's not happy news like Stef's though. Everything's fine now, but my husband had to extend our 1-week stay in Singapore to 3 weeks after a day surgery to remove his kidney stone went wrong and a 'routine' (nothing is ever routine, let's remember that) 1-hour minimally-invasive procedure turned into a 7-hour open surgery. He's recovering well, but can't walk too long or too fast.

Nothing much to report about our trip to Singapore. We did manage to meet up with our Frankfurt friends at Wendy's swanky place though, since she's written about it, I'll just ride on her post. This was a few days before the operation, we had such a good time catching up with the Kohs, Tans and Pngs, totally oblivious to the impending trauma just a few days later.

By the way, I can only link to Stef's and Wendy's main pages cos something's really wrong with my internet access in Moscow now, I can only get to google, gmail, youtube and blogger but not most other sites, including my own!! I hate curve balls!


Darn, I can't even post a comment on my own site! Stef, in response to your comment about the boys helping out more, er, tan ku ku (wait long long); I was tearing my hair out cooped up in the hotel room with those two monkeys. And your favourite David C will surely win lah, kena pimped so much. Last week, I was jumping and fuming, livid about how Jason was treated. Here's to a Castro/Cook finale, doesn't matter to me who wins actually.


tealeafs said...

Firstly, am sorry to hear about your hubs' unexpected procedure. Glad to know he's recovering steadily. Hope the boys will help out a bit more yeah?

Secondly, thanks for the grats. It was very tough initially, coming to terms with it. But am at more ease now that the ms is almost over and I can think straight!

At least you got most of the important websites ... especially youtube for those AI vids, albeit a few days later. :\ I'm rooting DC, heh, have always rooted for the rockers. Aiyah, they seldom make it lah.

OK, comment too long. Sure kena edited. It's SO GOOOOD to hear from you again. *hugs*

Alcovelet said...

Hey hon, things better now? That includes hubby, kids and your internet connection. Stay happy!

bACk in GERMANY said...

Good to hear that your hubby is on the road to recovery.

Great to see you online again!:)

tealeafs said...

It was a very odd episode wasn't it? I had been waiting for Brooke to go for the longest time. To me, Michael Johns was the most undeserving to leave so early. I would have liked the 4 guys to be final four actually.

Well, how are you? You shared about the going-ons, but how are you keeping? Are the boys back to school and hubs still at home recuperating?

serena said...

Hope everything is okay with you!! God Bless!!

Sarah said...

Hi hi..
Send my regards to Ed. Hope everything is fine now.

I have internet problems in China as well. I think China blocks blogspot from time to time and if we are lucky to catch the small window to access. Yahoo mails are sometimes not accessible too.

Lilian said...

Hi Sarah,

Everything's fine thanks. I was worried about how you were in Shanghai.

My internet is fine now, what a relief. These days, if the internet goes wonky on me, it actually feels like my right arm has been chopped off, yeah, it's an addiction, I need help!