Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lamb chops for dinner anyone?

Two Thursdays ago, I was in my room (I now surf while lying in bed, how decadent can I get?)...Brian was rushing to finish a writing assignment which he erroneously thought was due the next day and Sean decided he wanted to read a book. I tried pushing some fiction, Witches, Magic Finger, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, some Enid Blyton, but for some reason, he picked a book which I may have ordered from Scholastics back in Frankfurt 3 years ago. The title was The Classroom at The End of The Hall, and I had bought it for Brian but he never read the book.

Sean finished the book in one sitting, and kept chuckling as he read. But there was one part where he just laughed uncontrollably. From my room, I heard him trying to tell Brian about it, he went, "Look korkor," and said stuff which sounded jibberish from where I was. I was expecting Brian to start shouting at Sean, cos that's what he does when he's busy with his work and Sean interrupts him. Instead, Brian started laughing heartily too, and the two of them just laughed so loudly for minutes, all because of this poem/song:

I know this pesky little lamb,
Its wool is snowy white,
And if it follows me to school one more time,
I'll have lamb chops for dinner tonight.

Until today, Sean still sings this once in a while, and chuckles lots afterwards.


bACk in GERMANY said...

Bryan found the poem very funny too. Only difference: I had to read it out loud for him.

Lilian said...

PP: You've gotta sing it to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb", well, that's what Sean did, maybe that's why he found it doubly funny.