Friday, May 30, 2008

Jason Castro Day!

Rolling eyes and tsk-tsking tongues, stop reading now. I know some of you will think it's so inane that the first post I can manage in 20 days is about the dreaded one :)

Some of you are probably going, "Honestly, I don't know what your thinking?";

My reply, "I was thinking Jason Castro!...Yeahhhh." Okay, inside joke for those who watched Jason's response to Simon after I shot the Sheriff.

But it's a fact, today is Jason Castro Day! Yes, 29th May 2008 has been designated Jason Castro Day in Rockwall Texas. Coming in 4th position, he didn't get the Homecoming Parade that the Top 3 got, but there's a huge parade planned for today, and a concert thereafter.

I've been slowly weaning myself off all Jason-related stuff. Yeah, I was in a nasty mood for days following his elimination some 3 weeks ago. I still think he's too good for the show.

My favourite performance of his isn't actually one of the two "moment" songs he had (Somewhere over the Rainbow and Hallelujah) but this:

I also really like Travellin Thru and Mr Tambourine Man (even with the flubbed line, yeah, this boy can do no wrong in my eyes).

Er actually come to think of it, I loved all his performances, yes, that includes I shot the sheriff. Brian's top picks are Forever in Blue Jeans, Mr Tambourine Man and I don't wanna cry, Travellin Thru (he just updated me on this), while Sean likes Hallelujah, I don't wanna cry, Mr Tambourine Man, Forever in Blue Jeans. All Eddie does is annoy me by telling me the other belters in AI are so much better, and how Jason's voice is weak blah blah, gahhh, another of those sheep so easily led by the evil AI machinery! Yet he hums Michelle, and If I fell, and doesn't even realise it.

So, that's basically part of what I've been busy with the past few weeks. Now that the show's over, I'm slowly gaining some semblance of my old life back. Hopefully, that means slightly more regular blog updates, fingers' crossed!

To all you lovely people, Peace, Love & Castro!


Alcovelet said...

Lilian, glad you're back! It's always interesting to peek into your world! Do keep us tuned to your interesting life, Jason and all! Cheers!

Lilian said...

Likewise Adeline...likewise.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Hey... not all AI winners are well-remembered. But Jason will have a special spot in our hearts with "Somewhere over the Rainbow"!

Lilian said...

You said it sister!!

Seriously, I can't remember a single one of the Cook's performance, they all sound Emo to me,...not that there's anything wrong with that keke.

And the only performance of Squinty I remember was Imagine (which I didn't like) and part of Don't let the sun go down on me (which I liked).

I remember ALL of Jason's fantastic performances but almost none of the rest (of course I can be bias in my own blog). Why huh? Ohhhh, maybe it's cos I always fast forwarded all the other contestants' performances and just watched the judges' review :) My mind gets numb listening to boring belts, runs, glory notes, and contestants who exude desperation for the title are also a big turn-off.