Saturday, May 31, 2008

Looking for Jason Castro?

Omigosh, tonnes of people came by my site after searching for Jason Castro, our boy's super popular! Mostly from the United States, but also from places like Finland and the Philippines. Dreadheads are still hungry for Jason Castro news weeks after he was eliminated (unfairly imo but AI's loss nobody else's). So welcome, Dreadheads, I am one of you :)

Some 15,000 people attended the Rockwall Loves Jason Homecoming. That's amazing and a heckuva lot more than the number at a certain 3rd placed contestant's homecoming ;) Videos of the event can be found here.

When I went MIA the past weeks, I was mostly surfing at the AI forums, but I now check daily at Daydreamingboy. Jason's songs can be found on the main site while most AI forumers have moved on to the forum on the DDB site. Jason's mum posts here and she's soooo funny. Any important news on Jason can also be found on Castrocopia, the site owners McLovin and Liz Lemon are also soooo funny and awesome. Dreadheads are a humourous bunch.

Guess my gig is up, now you all know exactly how crazy I've been. It's not a Mrs Robinson thing, he's just got that something that makes millions of moms go all protective when the judges throw him under the bus. Could it be his face? To call it angelic is an understatement, don't you think?

By the way, Jason started out in music as a drummer, he only started singing 2 years before trying out on AI. Here's a picture of him drumming pre-Idol days.

Word is that he'll be drumming to Barracuda with Cook on guitar and Carly rocking it out on the AI tour this summer. Makes me wanna jump on the Singapore Airlines plane from Moscow direct to Houston (plug: 4 times a week flights) come August 24, that's the tour date for Houston at Toyota Centre, and just 5 days before I turn 39. What a thought! One can dream right?

*News ALERT*
There will be shirtless drumming at the tour...*faints*

Lamb chops for dinner anyone?

Two Thursdays ago, I was in my room (I now surf while lying in bed, how decadent can I get?)...Brian was rushing to finish a writing assignment which he erroneously thought was due the next day and Sean decided he wanted to read a book. I tried pushing some fiction, Witches, Magic Finger, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, some Enid Blyton, but for some reason, he picked a book which I may have ordered from Scholastics back in Frankfurt 3 years ago. The title was The Classroom at The End of The Hall, and I had bought it for Brian but he never read the book.

Sean finished the book in one sitting, and kept chuckling as he read. But there was one part where he just laughed uncontrollably. From my room, I heard him trying to tell Brian about it, he went, "Look korkor," and said stuff which sounded jibberish from where I was. I was expecting Brian to start shouting at Sean, cos that's what he does when he's busy with his work and Sean interrupts him. Instead, Brian started laughing heartily too, and the two of them just laughed so loudly for minutes, all because of this poem/song:

I know this pesky little lamb,
Its wool is snowy white,
And if it follows me to school one more time,
I'll have lamb chops for dinner tonight.

Until today, Sean still sings this once in a while, and chuckles lots afterwards.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Kyra & Sean...3 years on

We almost always meet up with the Tans whenever we're back in Singapore. It was no different this time. Before going to Gevin and Wendy's (see previous post), I took the kids to Karen's and they played all day (Eddie was on course and Daniel at work).

I managed to dig up a couple of photos of Sean and Kyra, taken in Frankfurt 3 years ago. The first picture was taken in Karen's place, where we had a Raclette party, yummmyyy! I miss Raclette cheese!

The second picture was taken along Main River, really near our place, and we had gone for a duck-feeding session.

And the latest pictures taken at Karen's place last month.

The cute, chubby days are gone...sigh...

Dinner with Frankfurters

This picture was taken in Singapore, on 14th April 2008, a few days before Eddie's surgery. I've actually blogged a bit about this, but what the hey, I've got a picture and I'm gonna blog about it if I want to.

What everyone in the picture has in common is that we all lived in Frankfurt at the same time, but some stayed on and some left while we were there. We'd not seen the Kohs (extreme right) in maybe 2 years. Dawn is expecting their first child, a boy. Richard went to Dhaka after Frankfurt, but don't worry about him, he's had two great postings since, first to Nagoya and now to Brisbane.

On the extreme left are our gracious hosts, Gevin and Wendy. They too are expecting their first child, a future Liverpool footballer. I believe the two babies are due within a month of each other. Gevin and Wendy are back in Singapore for good, enjoying their last few months of blissful coupledom before nightfeeds and diaperchanging turn them into zombies.

The Mas Selamat lookalike is Daniel, and the funky looking lady, his wife Karen. These two were the pioneer Frankfurters, they lived a total of 5.5 years there. They're back in Singapore now. We hunt them down for mahjong when in Singapore. Their kids and mine get along really well so it's always fun hanging out with them.

Instead of the usual meet-ups at restaurants, I suggested that we ta-pao-ed hawker food to Gevin's new place in Tampines. I can't remember who brought what, but as usual we all overdid the buying. We maybe finished half the food we bought; there was popiah, fried rice, fried horfun, fried hokkien mee, satay, rojak and dunno what else.

The night was too short ending at about 11plus, but it was a Monday and the next day was a work/school day. Still, it was such good fun to meet these crazy folks again.

Jason Castro Day!

Rolling eyes and tsk-tsking tongues, stop reading now. I know some of you will think it's so inane that the first post I can manage in 20 days is about the dreaded one :)

Some of you are probably going, "Honestly, I don't know what your thinking?";

My reply, "I was thinking Jason Castro!...Yeahhhh." Okay, inside joke for those who watched Jason's response to Simon after I shot the Sheriff.

But it's a fact, today is Jason Castro Day! Yes, 29th May 2008 has been designated Jason Castro Day in Rockwall Texas. Coming in 4th position, he didn't get the Homecoming Parade that the Top 3 got, but there's a huge parade planned for today, and a concert thereafter.

I've been slowly weaning myself off all Jason-related stuff. Yeah, I was in a nasty mood for days following his elimination some 3 weeks ago. I still think he's too good for the show.

My favourite performance of his isn't actually one of the two "moment" songs he had (Somewhere over the Rainbow and Hallelujah) but this:

I also really like Travellin Thru and Mr Tambourine Man (even with the flubbed line, yeah, this boy can do no wrong in my eyes).

Er actually come to think of it, I loved all his performances, yes, that includes I shot the sheriff. Brian's top picks are Forever in Blue Jeans, Mr Tambourine Man and I don't wanna cry, Travellin Thru (he just updated me on this), while Sean likes Hallelujah, I don't wanna cry, Mr Tambourine Man, Forever in Blue Jeans. All Eddie does is annoy me by telling me the other belters in AI are so much better, and how Jason's voice is weak blah blah, gahhh, another of those sheep so easily led by the evil AI machinery! Yet he hums Michelle, and If I fell, and doesn't even realise it.

So, that's basically part of what I've been busy with the past few weeks. Now that the show's over, I'm slowly gaining some semblance of my old life back. Hopefully, that means slightly more regular blog updates, fingers' crossed!

To all you lovely people, Peace, Love & Castro!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Life throws me a curve ball

Firstly, congratulations to blog-friend Stef. Stef talks about being thrown a curve ball in her latest post. She's expecting! Congratulations dear!

I too was thrown a curve ball recently, hence the extended radio silence. Mine's not happy news like Stef's though. Everything's fine now, but my husband had to extend our 1-week stay in Singapore to 3 weeks after a day surgery to remove his kidney stone went wrong and a 'routine' (nothing is ever routine, let's remember that) 1-hour minimally-invasive procedure turned into a 7-hour open surgery. He's recovering well, but can't walk too long or too fast.

Nothing much to report about our trip to Singapore. We did manage to meet up with our Frankfurt friends at Wendy's swanky place though, since she's written about it, I'll just ride on her post. This was a few days before the operation, we had such a good time catching up with the Kohs, Tans and Pngs, totally oblivious to the impending trauma just a few days later.

By the way, I can only link to Stef's and Wendy's main pages cos something's really wrong with my internet access in Moscow now, I can only get to google, gmail, youtube and blogger but not most other sites, including my own!! I hate curve balls!


Darn, I can't even post a comment on my own site! Stef, in response to your comment about the boys helping out more, er, tan ku ku (wait long long); I was tearing my hair out cooped up in the hotel room with those two monkeys. And your favourite David C will surely win lah, kena pimped so much. Last week, I was jumping and fuming, livid about how Jason was treated. Here's to a Castro/Cook finale, doesn't matter to me who wins actually.