Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My name is Lilian, and I'm a Castroholic

I'm truly losing it, I am. This morning, Eddie's alarm woke me up at 615am and I immediately turned on my laptop and logged onto my trusted American Idol show source, and was surprised to see no updates on Tuesday's show. For about 30 seconds, I kept refreshing the page, wondering why the show wasn't uploaded yet; igrecman is usually very reliable and prompt, what's UP????

It then dawned upon me, I'm such an idiot, I had been waiting for this show so much that I thought yesterday was Tuesday. The show doesn't start till tonight. Big April's Fool, that's me. And GROANNN, another whole day to wait! You see, my favourite contestant Jason Castro landed up on the Bottom 3 last week (my heart pounded so hard) and he really has to do well this week if he's to stay in contention.

My routine has been royally screwed up these past weeks, due to waking up in the early hours of the morning to catch the show and results (the next morning), then all-day surfing of forums and news reports and sites like Castrocopia and Daydreamingboy.

I'm not alone in this addiction, there are a bunch of 30-somethings, 40-somethings, even 50-somethings crazier than I am in their devotion to Jason. Not trying to justify myself, just saying, that's all. Please don't judge me :(

Check out this pencil-drawing done by a fan, gosh, a true artist.

All the way to Nokia theatre, WHOOOOP!


serena said...

Hi! Sorry I had to post here because I was worried you won't see my comment. You draw so well!! Now I know why your kids are so gifted. They after you!!!

Lilian said...

Er, I did not draw the picture of Jason Castro, if that's the drawing you refer to :)

Anyway, all comments will be directed to my gmail, so I'll deffinitely see new comments. Thanks for leaving a note, see ya soon.

Alcovelet said...

Um, I know of some friends who are crazy about that Korean pop sensation, Rain. As we say, the older we get, the shorter the hem, the younger our idols, the bigger the baubles ... On that last one, my husband refuses to believe :-)

Lilian said...

"As we say, the older we get, the shorter the hem, the younger our idols, the bigger the baubles "

That's funny! Sadly, the only baubles I get are the ones you hang on Christmas trees.

Was up from 430am till 630am catching the show and reading forums. Totally pooped now. I'm definitely too old for this, physically at least.

Alcovelet said...

Hi Lilian, need a favour. Would you happen to know the name of this parenting series on the BBC - it showcases a child psychologist who will see what goes on in the home through hidden cameras, and then advise the mother on how to discipline the child via a microphone? I saw in on the plane but can't remember the name. Trying to locate it on Youtube for a friend. Don't think it was ever shown in Singapore, but you may have seen it.

You can email me at alcovelet@gmail.com.


Lilian said...

The House of Tiny Tearaways!

That's one scary show man.