Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Iz to the top of Itunes!

When I was in London, I always heard this unique version of Somewhere over the Rainbow (not the Judy Garland one) over the radio, but never knew who the singer was. Well, now I do, thanks to Jason Castro's American Idol performance last night.

I couldn't believe it when Jason said he was singing this version, I love this song so much. I'm a huge fan of Jason's but I've gotta be honest, I didn't think Jason sang it that well compared to the original singer (maybe the studio version would be better) and was really nervous that the judges wouldn't like it. Phew, all three judges loved it!

The magical singer is a Hawaiian who passed away in 1997. His name is Israel Kamakawiwo Ole aka Bradduh Iz. Check out his poignant and understated style. Inspiring...this should shoot to the top of Itunes chart (like Hallelujah did after Jason covered it).

Bradduh Iz's Somewhere over the Rainbow/Wonderful World

Jason's version, still really good of course, great song choice, I hope this kid's dreams come true.


Alcovelet said...

Lilian, you know what, you're making a fan out of me. I thought Jason sang it brilliantly! There's this youthful quality in his voice that lifts the song up to a deeper level. Lovely!

Lilian said...

Oh dear, with Jason, you either get him or you don't, those of us who do, get it real bad! It becomes an all-day obsession/addiction...very, very, bad..but we wouldn't have it any other way!

There is a huge contingent of mums supporting him, called MWLJ (moms who love Jason), they are fierce! I'm wondering if most of these are mum of boys, cos we secretly wish our boys would grow up to be as beautiful (inside and out) as Jason :) *gush*

Alcovelet said...

Lilian, Gushing indeed! I can almost picture it, except I haven't met you!! Glad you're living life to the fullest!!!

bACk in GERMANY said...

Hey Lil',

you said it all!

Lilian said...

PP, you also a MWLJ now?

bACk in GERMANY said...

Yeah... thanks to you.
I'm also a MWLJ! Other than his wonderful voice, he's got such a beautiful smile and that sparkle in his eyes. :)

Lilian said...

Wooohooo I've got a dreadhead in my midst. Whoooop :)

Yeah, and a great personality to boot. Always so humble and real. His ambition: To be a good husband and son. How many 21-year olds think like that?

Tsu Lin + + said...


Yes, actually they do play that song here VERY often. Some mornings, it is so good ot wake up to that song - it reminds me of the equatorial weather, somehow (laidback and such a relaxing song).

Can't wait to watch it tonight!

tealeafs said...

Hi my dear, have you been getting your weekly (er, daily?) dose of Castro still while holidaying? Didn't know you were in SG until I read Wendy's post.

How are you babe? Looking good in the pic! Miss your posts and your kutis. LOL

petite fleur said...

Hi there. Found my way here from M4M.

I love this song by IZ as well. My daughter calls it the Rainbow song & makes me play the Youtube video over & over again.

Lilian said...

Hey Petite Fleur, I must say, your little girl sure has great taste ;)

Will check out your blog more often, what an interesting life you're living. I LOVE Paella and yours looks absolutely delicious!!

petite fleur said...

How's life in Moscow ? I was there once ions ago visiting an American friend who lived there. Almost got put into prison (yup you heard right) have to tell you about that one.

Such friendly people & great food. Even tho it was -20 when I was there, totally loved it. How long have you been living there ?

Lilian said...

"Such friendly people & great food"

Er, really? Moscow? Are we talking about the same place? :)

Just kidding, yeah, I do like some of the food here, and the few Russian mummies I've met have been very nice. The men seem a little gruff, I dunno.

We've been here for about 9 months! And we've survived winter, which lasts 6 months; probably longer cos even this month, it's been really cold most days.

Yeah, you've gotta tell me about how you almost ended up in a Moscow prison! Sounds like Bridget Jones' Diary Part 2 (which btw is an absolutely terrible show).

petite fleur said...

On the surface they do look unapproachable but once you start talking to them, they become really friendly.

On my second last day in Moscow, I got stopped by a young policeman & upon examining my passport, realised I don't have my stamp (which I had to get when I arrive but was told by my American friend it wasn't necessary - he got hell from me after that). He tried to intimidate me, threatened me & forced me to go to the police station. While in the station, I was told to wait in a cell with bars - which I refused. Haha I even asked to make one phone call that I was entitled to - too many TV crime dramas.

So it turned out, all they wanted to do was to get that darn stamp. Maybe he wanted me to offer a bribe which I thought about but wasn't sure how to approach it - I did ask if I could pay a fine on the spot & he laughed & said something outrageous like US$500.

Anyway it was a very unnerving experience cos I thought they were going to throw me in jail.

Lilian said...

Yeah, lots of redtape here which I really can't stand. I must say you are one tough cookie. I would have been a cookie too, but one that crumbles immediately into a hopeless mess. How'd you and the policeman even manage to communicate? Through your (clueless) American friend? :) But that was an interesting experience eh? Something to tell the grandkids next time.

petite fleur said...

No I was alone. He spoke a little bit of English & the police station was small & dark with no windows type. I can laugh about it now but then it was really scary.

Moscow is such a fascinating place. The architecture (I spent one day riding on the subways just to visit the various stations), the arts & catching the Bolshoi Ballet performing at home.

But I'm sure it was tough settling down there. Do you speak any Russian ?

Lilian said...

You are a lot more adventurous than I am! The metro stations are beautiful but I have not ventured to many.

All the Russian I know, I learnt the first couple of weeks after I arrived, which makes that probably less than 10 phrases and 20 vocab words! Have not progressed from there.