Friday, April 04, 2008

4 to me, Jupiter to Sean

See the number on the left? This was from when I was showing Sean squares of 20 somethings a couple of weeks ago; but I made a mistake and wrote 200 when it should be 400, so I just added a stroke to change the number 2 to 4.

Sean chuckled and said, "That's Jupiter."
I (as usual right?) go huh?
He smiled, "That's the symbol for Jupiter."

He later drew the symbols for Mercury, Earth, Mars (but with the arrow pointing to the left instead of right), Jupiter (which he says is 2 mixed with 4), Saturn (a symbol which he says is beautiful), Neptune (Sean: Neptune is a tricky one; it takes so long to draw), and Pluto (looks like a 9, he says). For the symbols of Venus and Uranus, he referred to his much-loved book, The Gobsmacking Galaxy.

I couldn't find the paper that he drew on when I was writing this post, so I got him to draw the symbols again here.

Brian said he only knew the symbols for Jupiter and Neptune; it seems Sean has been scrutinising their shared Gobsmacking Galaxy book a lot more closely than his korkor has.


Lisa said...

Watched the American Idols last night. Now I now why you are Castroholic. Jason is really good, so are the rest.

Lilian said...

"Jason is really good, so are the rest."

Aiyah, you should have stopped at "Jason is really good." No need to add "so are the rest." ;)

Well, actually Carly did really well too this week, and that's all I will concede.

Check out Jason's studio version of Travelin Thru on the post before this, OUTSTANDING!

My Gems said...

He's such an observant boy!