Saturday, March 29, 2008

Proof of Ozone Holes!

Brian was asking me something about how long a day was in the North Pole. We did not get very far with that discussion because Sean jumped up to grab our globe (see picture), gleefully showed us the holes and said, "There's no North Pole, there's just a North Hole! Look! And there's no South Pole, there's just a South Hole!"

Yeah yeah, funny har har...that's our 14-year old globe that was single-handedly destroyed by Sean a couple of months ago. The globe was in perfect condition till Sean took an interest in it.

Back to Brian's question. Those of us who hail from around the equator take for granted our experience of equal day length every day of the year. In December, the North Pole experiences almost 24 hours of darkness and the South Pole 24 hours of day...the reverse is true in June.

Some links here.
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And extending on Sean's unwitting creation of the ozone holes.
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bACk in GERMANY said...

Haha... Sean and his sense of humour!

I recently bought a National Geographic DVD from Aldi (yes, imagine Aldi!!) on penguins in Antartica. Wow... it was an eye-opener for the whole family and the repercussions of broken ice shelves have on the whole penguin species became real before our eyes.

Now Bryan's pretty upset when we heard the news of the recent broken ice shelf. He's worried for the penguins.

Lilian said...

DVD from Aldi? In English? I LOVE ALDI and LIDL and TCHIBO, the fun part about shopping in Germany is all the unbelievably fantastic weekly specials :)

My siblings were telling me about a documentary they watched in Malaysia that showed polar bears stranded on broken chunks of ice. The documentary could have been Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", I can't remember now.

BUT...check out this link and the videos in it The Great Global Warming Swindle.

It debunks the notion that human activity is the cause of global warming; instead climate changes have occuring for eons.

Who to believe in a world where everyone has an agenda?