Thursday, March 20, 2008

Math the Singapore Way

When I first discovered how Mathematics was taught in Singapore, I was really impressed. I saw things I never saw before, concepts explained in simple but clear ways, and I found myself wishing I was taught this way when I was in school. I found myself thinking, my gosh, why didn't I think of that?

Number bonds, horizontal addition and subtraction, the model and heuristic approaches; these are just some of the ingenious ways children are taught math in Singapore. I passionately believe that Singapore Math is the way to go, and having been away from Singapore for 3+ years, that belief is now stronger than ever before.

See this email I wrote to Hsien a couple of weeks ago:

"One thing I'm all for about Singapore is the way it teaches Math at the primary level. Here's an article from today's LA Times on Sg Math.

Check out this video which I forwarded to the boys' school some months ago! The presenter provides her views on the reform Math that many US schools are using and finally recommended Singapore Math in her conclusion."

The video can be found on Hsien's post. Hsien did more research and found this video being discussed in another site, which she linked to.

I expect to be writing more about what both Brian and Sean are encountering when doing Singapore Math. There are some very interesting questions especially at upper primary level that truly baffle me, so maybe some of you who are Singapore-Mathexperts could help us out yeah?

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