Friday, March 14, 2008

Magnetic Math

Sean spends lots of time playing with his Geomags. The boys received their first Geomag set from Lisa, a farewell present when we left London. For Christmas, I got them more magnets and panels. Not cheap, these magnets, but boy, they sure are strong.

They are also good for reinforcing Mathematical concepts. Sean would measure his own height in terms of number of magnets tall. Isn't that what they do in Primary 1 Math, measure lengths using things?

Today, he made this 10 by 10 cuboid (see picture) using 100 magnets. When I saw this, I asked if he then knew what a quarter of 100 was, he said 25. He said a quarter of the magnets were red, a quarter were yellow, and half were silver cos he didn't have magnets of other colours. Asked what half of 100 was, he answered 50.

You could also use the magnets to reinforce learning of counting in 3s, 4s, 5s and so on. Who needs Montessori manipulatives when you have Magnetic manipulatives? Fun stuff.

It's not all Math of course, Sean likes running around the apartment all day holding on to the longest chain of magnets & steel balls he can make, going "Mummy, look, a snake." Yeah yeah...


Hsien Lei said...

Magnets.... *shudder*

I can just imagine all the hard drives in the house and other electronic equipment warped beyond repair.

Lilian said... don't know how many times I've screamed at Sean as he approached me with his magnets while I'm surfing! DON'T PUT THIS ANYWHERE NEAR THE COMPUTER OKAY!!! I think it's been drummed into them enough...well, I hope.

Else, it'll be a good excuse to get a new swanky notebook, preferably without this #$%^ing Vista loaded!