Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm not just the centre of his universe...

...I am his universe. Yeah, yesterday Sean said I'm the universe and he's the world.

What about Korkor?

Korkor's the sun.

Valerie is Pluto because she's so small (Valerie is our London friends' baby girl; she turned 1 a week ago, and Sean has not seen her since we left London last July).

What about Daddy?

Daddy's the Milky Way.

I take it that in Sean's eyes, Mummy outranks Daddy, that's my boy!

Speaking of Milky Way, here's Sean's drawing of different types of galaxies.

There's the Spiral Galaxy, Irregular Galaxy (big one), Elliptical Galaxy and Barred Spiral Galaxy. Did he miss out any others?

I just did a google search while typing this. What Sean attempted to draw was Hubble's Galaxy Classifications. There's an article here. This other article has yet another category, called Peculiar Galaxy, ie Galaxies that fit none of the above descriptions. I'll be sure to let him know when he gets back from school later.

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