Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hi to Singapore Motherhood lurkers :)

PP/Cindy emailed me to say some of her friends from the Singapore Motherhood Forum have been visiting my little ole blog :)

These mums have children born a year later than Sean and they share lots about how they're bringing up their kids. I've read some of their discussions and these ladies really know their stuff and more importantly, are very supportive of one another.

A big welcome to all you ladies coming from Sg Motherhood forum and from Cindy's blog. Hope to see you here often, and do leave a comment if you visit so I'll know. Don't be shy, I won't bite...that hard ;)


serena said...

Hi Hi hi!!! yeah I'm one of those lurkers from the forum. We didn't know about your blog until we heard so many wonderful things you did with your kids from Cindy. I'm so impressed!! Are you also a teacher like Cindy? I'll drop by from now on for sure!!

Lilian said...

Hi Serena/Seranade! Teacher? No no, don't think I have the patience. I think teachers (the good ones) can never be paid enough!

Hey, you're doing a great job with your kids too...do you have a blog as well?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm also one of the lurkers.I don't have a blog and I came across your blog when somebody mentioned it in forum.Great stuff you have here and your boys are genius!

serena said...

Serenade is also from the forum but I'm not her. I wished I have a blog but I'm too lazy. Just enjoy reading other people's blog :o)

My Gems said...

Hi Lilian,

Hi Hi, Serenade's over here *wave*. Our names are almost similar - Moi's Vivian :)

Hmm, looks like Cindy has been talking about us. Cindy, where are you? :P

Your kids are really amazing! If you ever start a school, I'll be second in line (after Cindy).

Lilian said...

@anonymous: Hi! What's your name? From Sg too? I've met enough prodigious kids to know my kids ain't no geniuses, and I'm not just saying that to appear modest.

@serena: hehe paiseh, assumed you were serenade. Keep the comments coming ya.

@vivian: ohhhh, you are serenade *WAVE*...I actually left a comment once on PP's blog saying hi to you, and mentioning how alike our names were, but she must have missed that and never approved it. Anyway, HI and nice to meet you! Hope to visit your blog one day! (lilian shamelessly solicits blog invite).

bACk in GERMANY said...

Innocent! Innocent!
I always moderate my comments. And I don't delete any unless it's the same one posted twice.

Maybe it's blogger's fault... @#$%! Just kidding! Lest I'm taken off... oops!

So finally you ladies after the formal intro!

Lilian and Vivian,
I only say nice things, ok? No gossips... ;) Then again, what are the not-so-nice-things I know about you ladies???

Alcovelet said...

Hi Lilian, I'm a very recent lurker following the recs from the singaporemotherhood forum. Tks for posting such an interesting blog on your sons and food! Our sons should get together one of these days - mine's a Bionicle and lego fan extraordinaire. I banned him a while back on account of the Bionicles being violent, but have since relented because he now says they only go for picnics together ;-).

Lilian said...

Hi Alcovelet, welcome! Haha, your boy is smart, picnic indeed!! My boys have only recently been reacquainted with Bionicles; I don't think they are great fans yet. My friend's boy Stephen (link in the Bionicles post) is the one who's crazy over Bionicles.

Anyway, thanks for your nice words, and see you again soon!

My Gems said...

Hi Lilian,

The pleasure is all mine! Been telling Cindy that I am impressed by your family! Both your kids are so bright and self-inspired in learning. You have done a marvellous job!

Am honoured that you are interested in my blog :) Mind sending me an email to serenade_bliss@hotmail.com? I would need your email addy to activate the invite to my humble abode :) Thanks!

Lilian said...

Thanks Vivian, have sent u an email. I'm sure I have lots to learn from you too! I have a strong suspicion we are pretty much on the same track in our approach to our kids' learning, based on what I've read about your boy's development.