Monday, March 03, 2008

Half-term playdate

Brian (extreme right) running to his little fort for cover. Picture was taken last Friday when we visited our Thai friend May and her two boys, Kant (extreme left) and Krit, the shorter one in the middle. The tall boy is Kant's classmate, also Brian, and they are both a year older than Krit and our Brian. Krit and Brian were in a team, having a snowfight with Kant and Brian. Sean was somewhere else in this huge playground playing with slides and building a snowman.

Kant and Krit are fantastic pianists. Kant is only 11 and he is truly a prodigy. One day soon, I will take a video of Kant playing Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu and post it here. My jaw dropped when I first heard him play, his fingers were so light, they looked like they were barely touching the keys, it was truly amazing to see him play.

And the best part of it all, he doesn't even think he is that good. Really cute, unassuming, little boy. His mum is so, so, humble too. Very supportive without being stage-mom-ish.

So in future, when, not if, Kant becomes a famous pianist, remember, you heard it here first.


bACk in GERMANY said...

wow, so much snow! envious! *crunch, *crunch! walking on snow!!! Miss that!

Lilian said...

We had Paul from FRA (u know him?) over for lunch yesterday and he said no snow this year in FRA, except for Christmas.

Anyway, I think we've seen the last of thick, thick, snow for this winter. Everything melted this past week and temperature has been above zero for days. Spring is here...maybe?