Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Drawing Sean next

The previous post was about me showing Sean how to draw 3-D shapes. That was two weekends ago. This evening, he was drawing on the living room floor, around him were wooden blocks strewn all over.

Taking a break from Castrosurfing, I sat down on the floor beside him and decided to give him a lesson on "still life" this time. So I drew one of the blocks on the floor. I also drew a pencil, it was also on the floor. Yep, it's always messy at home.

He then asked me to draw him. After joking with him that I could not find paper large enough to fit a drawing of his head, I proceeded with the portrait-drawing; me and paper both on the floor. He sat ever so seriously, waiting patiently for his picture to be completed. He grinned midway, but I said no smiling, cos it's hard to draw teeth :)

What do you think? It's not great (left eye's a bit wonky and face shape's a bit off; I couldn't be bothered to find an eraser) but I think it's above average. Actually, I didn't know that many people couldn't draw till I attended a leadership course at work, and we had to draw someone we admired. My colleagues immediately recognised the person I drew (from memory), the lady ACEO of my company then. It was when I saw what most of them drew or tried to draw that I realised my drawing skills weren't so bad after all.

I put this 'skill' to practical use when I was helping out at Sunday School circa 2000. When the kids got restless and rowdy, I would get crayons and paper, then have one of them sit while I drew. They got to bring home the coloured drawings. If you don't behave, you don't get drawn. All the children would sit around and wait for their turn to be drawn. It was soooo funny to see the rascally active boys just sit so quietly and seriously while being drawn, only moving to take a peek at my drawing once in a while.


Babypowder said...

Whoa.. never knew the artist in you! Very nice indeed! :)

Lilian said...

Danke Wendy :) Sometimes jadi, sometimes tak jadi...this time the drawing turned out ok.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Wow... you were saying sometimes tak jadi???

I'm among those you've mentioned: Can't draw for nuts!

Heee... you'll be drawing Castro next?

Hi Wendy! How's junior doing?

Lilian said...

Yup, most of the time 'tak jadi'. Sean's a lot harder to draw than Brian, I dunno why.

In NUS, I would draw caricatures of classmates, pass them around during tutorials and watch my classmates stifle their laughter. There was one guy who was sooo easy to draw, cos he had a huge nose. I used to draw Eddie's caricature too, exaggerating his sepet eyes :)

Hsien Lei said...

You sure know how to keep a secret, Lilian. First this blog, now this tremendous artistic talent! And yet you continue to downplay yourself. CUT IT OUT!!

Lilian said...

Er, Hsien...I dunno what to say without sounding phoney-ly self-effacing...but...I'm really just above-average. Did you see how that fella drew Jason Castro (in my latest post)...Now that is artistic talent!

Hsien Lei said...

Is it possible for you to have a conversation without mentioning Jason Castro!

/palm * forehead

Lilian said...