Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chinese (boys) whispers

The boys' bedtime routine is: 830pm, ready for bed, atropine drops for their eyes, we read stories or poems, or just talk silly stuff or make up a story where each of us takes turn to say 3 words, eg, I go "Once upon a" Brian continues, "time, there was" Sean goes, "a tortoise who" (I've banned the word tortoise). By 9pm, it's lights out till 7am the next day.

They usually chat with each other in the dark till 930pm, and laugh and giggle really loudly. I'll shout from wherever I am for them to Shut up, no more talking! If you can't wake up tomorrow morning, I'll cane (instead of wake) you up!

Two nights ago, I left them as usual, after we had each read 2 funny poems, and went to my room to surf the internet. But instead of chatting in normal voices, they've learnt to keep it really down. Whispering, and stifling their giggles and laughter.

Every 10 minutes or so, I would realise they were still awake, and shout out for them to sleep. It'd be quiet for a while until I realise they were still whispering and laughing. It was 10pm before they fell asleep. Luckily, they could wake up on time the next day or there would have been trouble.


Alcovelet said...

Hi Lilian, This is Adeline from Singapore. I've been having so much fun reading your blog, I thought I'd return the favour. Here's mine at

Let me know what you think! Cheers!

Lilian said...

Hi Adeline, I've seen two pages of your site and I'm really liking what I see! You write really well; I'll be checking more of it out right after I leave this comment.

Schonell, Tin Tin, Bionicles...hmmm, these are all things I too have written about, if you look back far enough.

RK is, wowsers, I dunno what to say. He must amaze you every day!! Fantastic :)

Alcovelet said...

Amazing us everyday is right. But sometimes, our eyebrows fly right off the face!! He's huge fun though. Looks like your kids are the same way too. Boy am I glad to quit and spend time with my son!

Alcovelet said...

Think I haven't dug far back into your blog but I will. Lots to learn and just to plain enjoy in your blog!!