Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bionicle Boys

Hsien wanted a picture of the boys playing with Bionicles, I only have this one of Sean fixing the Inika Toa Hewkii yesterday. He still needs my help to slot the parts in, they are really hard to fix. Hsien's 5.5 year old boy Stephen is a Bionicle/Lego aficionado, he's like a walking encyclopaedia of Bionicle universe, and yes, he fixes Bionicles meant for ages 7-16, all by himself!

Inika and Barrika Bionicles (chay-ay, I'm talking like I know when actually Hsien gave me a crash course on Bionicles a few days ago) were 30% off at a mall here, so I grabbed a whole bunch of them. The boys have fixed 6 of them so far, I'll take a picture another day.


Stephen said...

stephen's advice: "build whatever you like with it. or you can follow the instructions. and you can also break it up and make some other ones with the pieces. and if you get hahli, nuparu, or hewkii, you can combine them into something. that's it. "

Lilian said...

Thanks Stephen, I'll let Brian and Sean know, they're sleeping now.

What's your favourite Bionicle of all?

bACk in GERMANY said...

Alamak! Now Bryan also wants to have Bionicles!

Bryan: "Does Sean also have transformers?"

Lilian said...

We have only one Transformers, a gift from Hsien (her family is toy-crazy), it's called Bumblebee I think. That small one already gives me enough trouble, I don't think we can manage the more complicated Transformers! But full props to the designers, really fantastic!

Hsien Lei said...

Our Transformers have been collecting dust in a box for a few months now. Grrrr.

One of the moms I know says Transformers creep her out because cars should be cars and robots robots. There should be no mixing. Huh?? lol

Lilian said...

"Our Transformers have been collecting dust in a box for a few months now."

Don't fret, they may be worth millions in 25 years!