Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Pinocchio

Sean comes to where I am, and asks, "Mummy, may I watch Cartoon Network?"

I feign shock, and say, "What?...Don't you know what will happen to your brain?".

He looks at me and says indignantly, "I was only asking! I didn't really want to watch Cartoon Network."

I'm sure his nose has grown an inch.


Hsien Lei said...


Stephen takes his comments back with: "I was just joking."

Yeah, riiiight.

Lilian said...

Sean does "I was just joking" lots too!

Tonight's "I was only asking" is something new though.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Bryan would either say "Your ears are playing tricks on you, Mom" or "I'm playing a trick on you" and then back off with a grin as if nothing had happened.

Lilian said...

haha, these boys really know how to save face huh?

stef said...

Is it true, whatever happens to their brain? Cos I need a darn good reason for my boys. And I especially can't stand CN!

Lilian said...

You very funnyla, Stef! What do I know about how the brain works? But there's gotta be a reason why the tv is called an idiot box right?