Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I don't know how he does it...

...but Sean always knows when I've gotten too fat and am in dire need of a diet. Cases in point, here and here. I mean, I myself would have realised I'm some kgs (well, make that many kgs) above my desired weight, but no one would say anything (except maybe my mum). Sean, however, never fails to notice and say something.

Since my trip back to Malaysia, I've not been able to lose the weight gained. London didn't help matters. I'm at my heaviest ever (not counting pregnancy).

Yesterday, I was feeding him some food (yep, I'm still doing this most of the time *groan*), and had my legs crossed. He pointed to my thighs or calves (I dunno), and said, "Why do you have big RIPPLES and I don't?" Brian giggled, came over and gave my thigh a wobble, and we all saw the rippling effect, and Brian went, "This is what he meant." All kinds of Hokkien expletives went through my head! No manners these boys. They laughed heartily. As usual, I do my, "How very dare you!" to Sean, which of course, got them laughing even more.

In the night, Sean said it was time for my back massage, which is me lying on his bed, and him walking along my whole back and legs. Every time he reached my bum, he'd go, "Wow! You have a fatty fatty backside!" and start laughing. I retorted, "You have a fatter backside." He replied, "No, your backside is 10 times fatter than mine."

Yup, that was our pre-bedtime chatter. It was only when I threatened to pick an ugly physical trait of his to tease him that he stopped and said, "Oh, actually, your backside is very thin." Self-serving little imp!


Hsien Lei said...

Hmmm. Me thinks Mom should not criticize her own weight and looks so as to not encourage her boys to do so. ;)

Lilian said...

It's all in good fun, really. I seriously do not go around fretting about myself to the boys! Sean just one day sat on my tummy and wondered if I was pregnant, Brian never did that...And to be fair to him, Sean's always telling me how he thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world (as most kids would to their mums). So big may be beautiful to him!

Having a couple of extra kilos doesn't bother me, but we just like having a laugh making fun of one another...Sean's big head (which he's actually very proud of), Brian's bunny teeth, Daddy's sotongness :) We're weird that way, I know!

That said, we're not talking about just a couple of extra kilos, it's quite a bit more, and given a family history of high bp and diabetes, yes, I do want to get the weight under control, definitely...In fact, the journey has already begun. Wish me luck. :)

Hsien Lei said...

I forgot that Stephen yesterday told me I had a rash on my face.

"It's freckles!" I said.
"Well, you have too many," he replied.

And I swear I have never said a negative peep about my spots.

Lilian said...

LOL@Stephen's "Well, you have too many." You can't ever say he beats around the bush!

These 5-year olds; were we these opinionated at their age? Hmmm, probably...