Monday, December 10, 2007

Science at Home 8

Quick, make a guess, what's shown in this picture?

It's a piece of lego stuck inside a test-tube-like container, one of Sean's numerous daily stunts. There were other pieces blocked by this piece. See picture below.

Brian was given this container last week when he went on a field trip to Coca-Cola Factory, as part of this Unit of Inquiry titled "Made you Look!" which is about Advertising. The tube is about 6 inches tall, but when heated up to 240 deg celsius, it starts to melt; it's then blown at very high pressure, to become the 1 litre Coke plastic bottle we find in shops.

Sean was thus a bit panicky when he couldn't get his lego out of his korkor's precious bottle, and quickly came to me for help.

An opportunity to conduct a long overdue and simple experiment.

Objective: To show that solids expand when heated

1. The test-tube is heated up with hot boiling water.

2. Lego pieces come unstuck.

Conclusion: The heated test-tube expands, becomes bigger and hence looser, allowing the lego piece and its brothers to come unstuck.

And Mummy saves the day once again :)


Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD said...

Very smart! I would have unlodged the pieces with brute force.

Lilian said...

I tried brute force first; the lego piece just went deeper into the tube!

Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD said...

I can just imagine myself getting out the hammer. HAHAHA

Lilian said...

I would have whacked the tube too, but I knew Brian would have a fit.

James said...

Uncle James just dropped by!
My, your blog is cheem man!

Lilian said...

Hi James, mana ada cheem??

Drop by again soon :)

Dutchess said...

As long as they weren't lodged up his nose, that's all I can say!

Lilian said...

Omigosh Dutchess, what a thought! haha...wonder if I'd have to boil his little button nose then :)