Sunday, November 25, 2007

Words to Feed the World

Do a good deed while learning and having fun at For every word you get right in the vocabulary game there, the site donates 10 grains of rice through the UN to help end world hunger.

I got to 2440 grains of rice and Level 37 (highest possible is Level 50). I'm possibly a Level 34, cos I got help from Brian who came by while I was playing the game.

He got these words right for me:

Glyph - Symbol (from the word Hieroglyphics)
Escritoire - Writing table (guesswork, cos the French word for write is Ecrit)
Caterwaul - Yowl (from books he's read)
Meridian - Noon (from Murderous Math's explanation of what A.M. and P.M. mean)
Tableau - Scene (from French lessons: Tableau is picture/blackboard in French)
Perdify - Treachery (from his Charlie Small book)
Dryad - Wood Nymph (linked to the word Nyad, an immortal magical creature which lives in water but becomes mortal if it leaves water; from Fablehaven, a book which his teacher is reading out loud to the class)
Carrion - Rotting flesh (from his Web of Life unit of inquiry)
Porringer - Bowl with handle (cos he thought it sounded like Porridge!)


bACk in GERMANY said...


So cheeem the words!

Don't think my Bryan will be able to help there!

Lilian said...

Your Bryan is 6 years younger than my patient my friend haha.