Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Remember the Rubik?

I used to be able to solve Rubik's Cube easily when I was hmm, 11 or 12, I can't remember now. Eons ago. When we were in Singapore, I bought this lauyah imitation Rubik's Cube from Lucky Plaza, just for fun. It's really badly made, very hard to turn, but it kept Brian from moaning of boredom when we were shopping in Hongkong; he was either on his Nintendo DS Lite or the cube the entire time, even while walking on busy streets, drove us nuts.

Before coming back to Moscow, my fastest time was 2 min 28 seconds; Brian was taking more than 3 minutes. I've not played since returning to Moscow, while Brian picks it up whenever he's super bored, ie when no tv or computer's allowed, when he just wants to loaf around and avoid being asked to do Chinese or help with chores. I just video-ed this and he's gone under 2 minutes (119 seconds to be exact), beating my record by half a minute.

There's a 3-year old girl who solves this in 114 seconds.


Shannon's Mummy said...

Bravo Brian!! I can nvr do it.. donno why..

I couldn't find it anywhere back in Singapore. Do you still remember where you got from Lucky Plaza? I try to get my sis to buy one for me.. hehe

Thanks in advance!

Lilian said...

I would think Toys R Us should have the original version, I definitely want to get the original one, the one I have really sucks.

Anyway, I got mine on the ground floor of Lucky Plaza, at the foyer, not a shop, but where books are sold, mainly kids' books. I think the cubes were near the cashier counter.