Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm not fat, I'm just wide okay!

I was lying on the boys' queen-sized bed as I helped Sean change(why? cos that's what I do, I'm a lazy mummy). So Sean's on me, changing into his tees and jeans. I'm almost at the edge of the mattress cos Brian's lying on the other side, taking up more than half the bed, reading.

After changing, Sean rolls over and ends up at the edge of the mattress.

He goes, "Mummy, you are so wide that you are pushing me off the bed!"
Me: What??
Sean: You are too wide!
Me: Are you saying I'm fat?
Sean: No, I'm saying you're wide.

Brian and I turned to look at each other, and we both burst out laughing!

Me: Hahahahaha...Why are you laughing?
Brian: Hahahahaha...he wants to say you're fat but he says you're wide.

At that very moment, Sean has a slip of the tongue as he almost slips off the bed.

"Maaaarrrmeeee....You're too faaaat..." and immediately changes it to, "No, you're too wiiiiide..."

Then giggles heartily as I attacked him with tickles and bites.


Roslyn said...

Hmph! I refuse to believe that you're a lazy mum. You must have spent lots of time nurturing and educating your 2 boys who have turned out to be such geniuses. Now how can that be possible if you are a lazy mum? Right?

Lilian said...

Ask anyone who knows me...ask my mum, ask my husband, my friends...and you'll be convinced of the truth.

I'm not proud of it, but it's in my DNA (haha, I'm laughing cos my friend Hsien has a weekly column on misuse of this phrase)...sigh...I've even prayed for God to rid me of my laziness :(

And my boys are not geniuses...there are tonnes of smarter kids in Singapore...just that their mums aren't shamelessly blogging about them like I am!

bACk in GERMANY said...

Huh? Dressing Sean up while lying in bed? How??

I thought being lazy means throw my son the bunch of clothes he has to put on and tell him not to leave the bathroom until he's all dressed by himself.

Lilian said...

haha, requires a bit of acrobatic skills on Sean's part. Easylah:
1. I take his clothes from drawer and order, "Come Sean, change."
2. He prances around and doesn't come to me.
3. Two seconds and I get tired of sitting around waiting for him, so I lie flat on my back.
4. Immediately, he'll come and sit on me, on my tummy. We hug and muck around for a bit.
5. And then clothes changing starts, I'm still flat on back hehe.

-- My other lazier way is to get his korkor to help him...but korkor not feeling well these few days, so pang chan him a bit.

Stef said...

He sits on your tummy so it gets flatter. Good lah!

Lilian said...

Ay Stef, if the effect is permanent, I let him sit on me all day, on other parts of my body too!

As it is, no such luck.

Reminds me of your little fella going Nemo Dahdee Boing Boing! hahaha.

Shannon's Mummy said...

You boy is simply cute ya! And yes, I agreed with roslyn!! You can't possibly be a lazy mum ;P

Lilian said...

Thanks Jasmine, he gets away with bloody murder cos of his cheeky ways.

Aiyah, why won't you people believe me?? Girl Guide's honour...