Thursday, November 29, 2007

Asean summit in Moscow : )

What you see above is typical Uzbekistan food, from left to right (top then bottom) we have eggplant, Lagman (Noodles with lamb in soup, something like sup kambing),lamb and rice with some beans and this dish (just found out it's called Plov) was mighty delicious we ordered another one, bread, fried flattened chicken and chicken sashlik.

Lunch was at Vostochny Kvartal in old Arbat, and this restaurant came highly recommended by Kala, wife of Eddie's predecessor Raj. It is one of the more reasonably-priced restaurants around. Four of us had a bowl each of that sup kambing, shared 2 plates of eggplants, 2 plates of rice, a plate of chicken, a shaslik, bread, and a pot of refillable tea, and the bill came to about S$200. And yes, it was yummy.

For company, I had Kala, May (wife of Thai Airways' Station Manager) and Dewi (who's married to a Dutch Embassy personnel). This was a lunch that was pretty long-time coming, cos a few times we had to cancel the appointment for one reason or another. Glad to finally have made it, cos Kala and Dewi both leave Moscow for good come mid-December, Kala for Mumbai and Dewi for Hanoi.

Our nationalities make up almost all (save for the Philippines) of the founding members of ASEAN (Association of South-east Asian nations). You see, Kala is Singaporean Indian, I'm Malaysian Chinese, May is Thai and Dewi is Indonesian Chinese. We've made tentative plans to meet in Bangkok for a holiday next summer break. May's from Bangkok while Dewi and Kala are regular visitors who love that city. Me? Have always wanted to but believe it or not, I've never been to Thailand. Sure hope that trip materialises; shopping, massages and food oooohhh....

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