Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rainy Saturday in Moscow

We stayed in the whole day as it was drizzling lots. Well, Brian and I did. Eddie spent the day working in the office. We had lunch together though, at the hotel's German restaurant. Nothing much to write home about; except that a kid's spaghetti, a kid's nuggets and fries, a club sandwich, and 3 7ups, was S$90. A glass of 7up was S$10, sheesh...

Two nights ago, our agent said she spent 4 hours with the landlord of Choice2 apartment; she said he's agreeable BUT will wait till Sunday night when his daughter (who owns the place) and his wife arrive in Moscow to make the final decision. We're not counting on this to work out. But do pray for us anyway :)

Will be viewing a few places tomorrow afternoon. Wish us luck!


Hsien Lei said...

I think I'd rather go thirsty than drink a S$10 glass of 7-Up! That is some serious highway robbery. Time to start cooking in your hotel room!

Don't laugh. My family has done that before. HAhahAHa

Lilian said...

hahaha...I'm kicking myself for forgetting my trusty travelpot (it went off together with the rest of the cargo).

The travelpot would have come in so useful just to cook instant noodles, porridge, fry an egg, which was what I did when holidaying in Florence and Venice years ago (Brian was 2+ at the time).