Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seanism as seen by Da Yee

Spoke to my sis today, she's having fun with Sean in Malacca. My sis is 45 and single, and she's the most giving, kind, good-hearted soul ever. She loves the boys to bits; they call her Da Yee (Big Auntie).

She managed to slip in a snippet of Seanism into our short long-distance conversation. They were both watching a Discovery channel programme about a girl who had skin cancer. She then explained to him that the girl had been exposed to too much sun and as such, Vitamin C.

He looked at her and said, "I think it's Vitamin D, Da Yi, not C". She thought, "oh ya huh" and has been proudly telling her colleagues how her little nephew must think what a stupid auntie he has.

My sis also said he seems to have the notion that he may turn blind, or that's what he's been telling her. Perhaps our numerous visits to the optometrist in London and eye specialist in Singapore have got the little fella worried.

I forgot to post about our visit to the eye specialist Dr Khoo in Mt E. Thankfully, no squint nor lazy eye, but Sean has astigmatism and his glasses would need to be changed again. No other intervention for both Brian and Sean till the next check-up as the doctor did not want to use the eye-tests conducted in UK as the baseline comparison. More waiting then.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The search continues

House-hunting in Moscow is a tricky affair. Landlords ask for ridiculous rents for shabby places and decades-old furniture. And the Singaporeans here have told us that even after agreeing on rents, landlords will back out if a better offer comes along. Agents advise that we narrow down a few choices just in case.

The landlord of the apartment I had my eye on appears to be dithering and has not come back to us on our initial offer. Perhaps holding out for a better offer. As such, the search continues and that's what I've been keeping busy with, house-hunting.

Li Ping: Will reply your email soon, and no, I'm not back in Singapore yet. Stuck here till my passport gets endorsed for long-term stay. May take up to two weeks :(

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Singaporeans in Moscow

We had lunch today at Starlite Diner, an American restaurant in the city with al-fresco seating. Eugene and May introduced us to some other Singaporeans from Citibank, IE Singapore and Capitaland. Actually, the chap from Capitaland we already know, Richard, who's our hostelmate in Eusoff. Like us, he too hails from Malaysia, in Batu Pahat.

Including Brian, there were 10 of us. The company was good. Always nice to catch up with old friends you've not met in years, and the new people we met seem good fun. Thing is, none of them have kids. I miss the London babies. And of course my poor darling Sean who's stuck in Malacca with my mum. *sniff*

Restaurant review? I had beef medallions and shrimp, Brian a cheeseburger and Ed pork chop. If I don't rave, then you knowlah. It's all rightlah, quite good actually, as good as an American restaurant meal could be, but we have ching-chong palates, soooo....

Guess I'll be doing more home-cooking here in Moscow. Gonna stock up on Prima packs again.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Discovering Moscow...just a little bit

It's no fun writing without photos so here goes nothing. This morning, we took the hotel shuttle to Red Square. Did the usual touristy thing, ie, used St Basil Cathedral as a photo backdrop. Have lots of photos of the Cathedral, the Kremlin Walls, Red Square etc, will upload another time.

We window-shopped at GUM, an upmarket shopping mall located at the Red Square. Tak boleh tahan, super-high prices :( I don't shop at brand-name boutiques in London, but I'm sure the prices in Moscow are at least 50% higher.

Came back to the hotel, rested and then headed out for a Georgian dinner. Fried chicken (spring chicken size) was S$60 a plate. The food was really quite good but the simple meal of fried chicken (for me and Brian) with a starter of stewed chicken wing (using Georgian herbs and spice, very yummy) and minced pork Shashlik (kebab) for Eddie came up to S$200+. And we don't drink wine okay. Just water and soft drink.

I know I should be used to such prices now coming from London. BUT in London, for that price, we, as a family, would be able to have Peking Duck, Lobster Noodles, and at least 4 more dishes at Pearl Liang.

Okaylah, the Georgian restaurant had live music (two men singing some Russian pop music), a huge tree planted right in the middle of the restaurant, and colourful disco lights all around. :) That's Russian dining for you, the price to pay to have all your senses tickled.


I just did a google search on the restaurant and discovered it's on the Top 7 Georgian restaurants list. Apparently, it is "a splurge option where you will never regret a single kopek spent ". Sheesh, no wonder.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My road to Russian fluency

I'm setting a very lofty goal here, but I aim to learn a phrase/word a day. The first days will be easy cos you're learning easy stuff. Today's my 7th day in Moscow, and I've got these 10 phrases kind of memorised. So I'm ahead by 3 days, can goof off this weekend liao lo :)

Day1: Privyet Привет - Hi (Informal)
Day2: Dobraye Ootro Доброе утро - Good Morning
Day3: Spaseeba Спасибо - Thank You
Day4: Pazhalsta Пожалуйста- You're welcome. Please
Day5: Ya Nee PaNeeMaYoo Я не понимаю - I don't understand
Day6: Ya PaNeeMaYoo Я понимаю - I understand
Day7: Vee Gavareetye Pa-Angleeskee? Вы говорите по-английски? - Do you speak English?
Day8: Paw-Ka Пока - Bye (Informal)
Day9: Izvinite Извините - Excuse Me
Day10: Da/Nyet Да/Нет - Yes/No

Checking out Mockba's Chinese cuisine

Our friends Gevin and Andy are in town, so we arranged to meet them for dinner, with their colleagues too, at Druzhba, a Chinese restaurant highly recommended by Eugene, and which others have said is the best Chinese food Moscow has to offer.

Airrrrr....airrrrr....Having just come from London, how to compare aiyoh...Not complaininglah but really, it's typical China cuisine, but if you don't think too much about it, it's all right, if you do, hai....(Pining for Pearl Liang, Yauatcha, New Fortune Cookie, Goldmine, Magic Wok, Mandarin Kitchen, Four Seasons, Royal China...).

Maybe it'll grow on me, but even the Chinese restaurant (Magic Wok) we liked in Frankfurt was wayyyyy better too. Guess it's true after all what people say about Chinese food in Russia, bleahhhh.

Company was good though, its always fun to hang out with fellow Singaporeans/ SingaPReans especially overseas.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Living dangerously?

Today was house-hunting day3 and the agent had just one place to show us (which I really like, fingers crossed, pray pray pray). Anyway, I asked her to drop us off near Prospekt Mira Metro station, where Brian and I had had lunch yesterday. On Monday, we had Russian grill at the hotel restaurant, yesterday, we tried the Italian joint that the SQ crew frequent...and today, I finally tried Moscow's hotdog.

The hotdog stands are everywhere, together with pancake (teremok) kiosks. I'll try teremok another day. Anyway, the hotdog is a little different from the sort we are used to. The bread is cylinderical (is that a word?), okay, imagine a long test-tube, that's what it looks like. It is a little harder than the conventional hotdog bun.

The bread is warmed up, then ketchup, mustard and another dressing are squeezed in, and the sausage of your choice is stuffed in, leaving about 3 inches of sausage peeking out from the top, hee, don't get funny thoughts.

Quite delicious and actually a less messy way of eating a hotdog. Brian and I both enjoyed it.

Only later when I gmailchatted with Hsien did I remember my mum's warning just a week ago (she was at the time watching a Channel U programme on Moscow) NOT to buy any food from Moscow's streets. Cos when I told Hsien what I ate, she asked, "Is that safe to eat?"

Ooops, I didn't even think to ask! When I was growing up in my lovely sleepy-hollow Malacca, I used to eat cockles with sambal belacan while sitting on low stools along a dark alleyway with dirty longkangs (drains) at the side. I see food, I think eat...it doesn't cross my mind to wonder about safety. Am I taking food safety for granted?

It's been 6 hours and our tummies are still fine. Hopefully, like Hsien's sister, our tummies are also made of steel.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boogie Woogie

I now have my own measure of a city's air pollution -- how many times a day I've gotta clear my boogers. Gosh, by my measure, the air quality in Moscow is hazardous!

When I left Frankfurt for London in December 2005, I was warned that the air in London would be bad. But maybe it's because I lived in lovely Kew, I found the air there perfectly fine. Well, even when I went out to Chinatown/Bayswater areas for hours, the air was still all right. No significant booger-clearing to report. Singapore don't have to say lah, very clean.

Moscow on the other hand! I've only gone out for a few hours each day, for house-hunting, but I've had to clear clunks of booger about 3 times a day. I'm talking large chunks here, lots of them. Wondering how many cigarettes I'm effectively smoking every hour that I walk around in Moscow!

Stef says I rock lair...

...here (at the end of the post).

Very motivated after reading her post. So as not to disappoint my 2-3 loyal readers, especially sweet Stef Tam, I actually spent the past 2 hours or so doing back-posts for the past 2 weeks. How's that for exceeding customer expectations?

Sorry, unlike before, there'll be no daily photos anymore. Can't upload lah. This is all I can do for now.

Kisses and hugs to all.

Day 3 in Moscow

House-hunting today, just me and Brian. Eddie's doing his handover with Raj. Saw a few houses further away from the city, but nearer to the boys' school. And an apartment in the city. One promising house, but we still don't know if we can live so far out. In London, I live right next to Kew Village, and just to make a 2-minute walk downstairs to buy pizza, I'll moan and bitch. It'll be a challenge when I realise oops, I'm out of garlic/onion/ginger, and there's no grocery shop to pop into. But it's all about getting organised, methinks.

Day 3 in Moscow and I've only managed to practise one phrase, ie Spaseeba which is Thank You. The others that I've learnt but not used are:

Hi: Preevyet
Please: Pazhalsta
Good Morning: Dobraye Ootro
Do you speak English?: Vi Gavareetye PaAngleeskee?
I don't understand: Ya Nee Pa Nee Ma Yoo.

A phrase a day. Six phrases in 3 days, I'm doing really well! keke.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Home-cooked meal in Moscow

Lunch was at Eugene and May's house. Eugene is the station manager in Moscow and May's his wife. The rest of the airport staff were there too, all ladies. Yummy food, meesiam, prawns with chilli crab sauce, mixed veg, lots of cakes, loud music...only thing missing was mahjong...hee. Just kidding. Brian spent the entire time there playing his Nintendo DS.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Privyet Mockba!

Arrived in Moscow via Dubai in the morning. All of us managed to sleep a few hours on both sectors so we felt quite well-rested. Raj and Eugene were there to meet us.

We freshened up at the hotel before going for lunch with Raj. We had Uzbekistan food. Hee, everywhere I go, must talk about food first. Uzbekistan food is pretty suitable to our tastebuds. In fact, one of the starters I ordered was like sup kambing with noodles. The portion is really small, cos it's a starter, and just that little bowl cost about S$30. I've gotta tell myself to stop converting cos I know it's bloody irritating to others.

Lisa asked me what my first impression of Moscow was. I would say Moscow's surprisingly modern and clean. In fact, Moscow reminds me a lot of KL, with its wide highways, vast land and tall constructions on your left and right, everywhere. Oh and the many huge signboards too, but unlike in KL, we catch no ball here.

I've worked it out that for consonants at least, only 3 letters correspond to the English letter pronunciation. They are K, T and M, which is easy to remember, cos KTM is the acronym for Keretapi Tanah Melayu, the Malaysian railway.

The other letters (except for some vowels) just ain't the same man...For example, the Russian P is pronounced R, C is S, H is N, Y is U, the greek sign phi is F, the greek sign pi is P. How's that for some serious brain-twisting?

So Moscow is spelt Mockba. And the title of this post Privyet Mockba! just means Hi Moscow! and I just realised should be spelt привет москва.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ready or not, here we come Moscow!

Went to Russian Embassy with Mum, Brian and Sean to collect our visas (thankfully, all okay for me, Ed and Brian) and also to apply for Sean's. Eeek, again, not everything's in place. The telex they received from the Russian Ministry of dunno what had typos, so the dates did not correspond to the dates in Sean's passport. Part of the red tape we've gotta live with.

And I'm fine with it, don't forget, I'm Malaysian, hee. I know I know, Malaysian immigration is very efficient these days (still, nothing beats Singapore's Immigration man, TOPS, kudos to them, love them!), but if you've been through the hassle of applying for passports in Malaysia or its High Comm back in the 1980s and 1990s, you'll know what I'm talking about, ptoooi! It's all good now, Bersih, Cekap, Amanah lah, Steadylah Brudder!

Back to Sean's visa. I'll have to make a fresh application again when I get back from Moscow and pray all goes well then. I thank God the hiccup wasn't with Ed's or my visa. So tonight, me, Brian and Ed head off to Moscow, while Sean stays on with my mum.

Sean's fine. Mum explained to him that we'll be going to Moscow to look for a house for him to stay in. I'll miss him lots though. But I know he's in excellent hands, my mum's the best. Me and my mum, we get on each other's nerves when we stay together for too long, but I know and everyone can see, she is really the best, does sooooo much for me and the boys. I owe her sooooo much.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Window-shopping in Singapore

Went jalan-jalan with Brian after lunch today. First we hit Raffles City. My aim was mainly to look for a pair of running shoes (chay, like real). I love the New Balance classic shoes they've brought back, but the sales people say they not suitable for running anymore. Isn't that strange? If people used these for running in the 1970s/1980s, why can't they be used now? Just because there's newer 'technology'.

Walked past Citylink towards Suntec City. Brought back memories of when I used to walk this route every Sunday to attend church at The Rock. Brian doesn't remember a thing though he went for Sunday school there for a few years.

Ended up not buying a single thing. Nothing I really liked and things that I liked (not that much) are overpriced. Oh I did buy something, two books to read. This time, for me, not for the boys.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The efficient gene

I have a picture of Sean enjoying a swim in the pool. Guess who was in the pool with him? Nope, not Eddie (he's on office hours these few days, even if he wasn't working, it wouldn't be him). Nope, not me, told you guys I'm a lousy mum. It was Popo. My 67-year old mum was the one in swimsuit, in the pool with Sean. My mum is one of those active types, who gets things done, who never lazes around. Why oh why did that efficient gene skip me?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Visiting the Russian Embassy

Big rush here and there..long story lah. Most important thing is we made our way to Russian Embassy to submit our visa applications. Thankfully, everything was okay with mine, Ed's and Brian's, in the sense that they had our records. But they did not have Sean's records, there was no telex from Russia.

No choice but to accept it. Pray all goes well and that our applications face no hitch in being approved by Friday, the day of our flight (3 working days needed). Sean's visa, that'll have to wait another day, don't want to think about it...stress.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And Ed makes it back...

Stayed home all day for aircon in the 3 rooms to be changed, toilet seat to be fixed, wardrobe door to be fixed etc etc.

Went to airport to pick Eddie up. Lucky fella, the day he arrives is the day everything in the house is finally repaired. Super cool aircon in masterbedroom. Always the case, me doing all the dirty behind-the-scenes work, and he doesn't even realise it.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Catching up with old friends

Today was a good day. I managed to meet up with some people I've not caught up with in a long time. Actually, this trip, I did not meet up with any of the people I got together with on my last trip back in April.

In the afternoon, LiPing, Yong and their girls, very pretty 6-year old Audrey and one-kind-of-attitude supercute two-year old Ashley came, bearing lots of much-appreciated (but not by my waistline) gifts, a pack of pork bakkua, a pack of gourmet bakkua (the very sinful fatty bacon strips type) and huge sweet mangoes. The children had a good time playing with the lego I bought. Audrey built a coin-box for Sean.

In the evening, my old hostel roommate Jen came by with her hubby Ben and boys Daryl (9) and Jeryl (7), to pick me and the boys up for dinner at Elena's, another old hostelmate. Joining us at Elena's place was Andy, my Form 6 classmate and also hostelmate. Among the four of us, we had in total 10 boys! Elena and her hubby Leslie have 3 boys (aged 10, 7 and 5) and hallelujah a girl due in August. Andy and his wife Jean have 3 boys (aged 6, 4 and 1) and have plans for more. These Catholics...there's no stopping them :)

Jen, a Junior College Chinese language teacher (yes, go waaaaahhhh), was my Eusoff Hall roommate in our first year, while Elena (with P&G for the longest time till this year) stayed in the doubleroom two doors away. Andy (now with GIC Real Estate) was in the next block. I dunno if it's the water in our hostel that we have so many boys. Eddie and Elena's hubby Leslie were also in our block.

Jen has not met Elena in 10 years I think. While I last met Elena when our oldest boys were about 1+. Time flies.

Leslie the cooking lawyer prepared the food for the night. Babi Pongtay, a fantastic Indian prawn dish, Chap Chye (with tauki and using gravy made from prawn's head), some chilli chicken and superb sambal belacan. While the rest of us were gossiping and chatting away, he was slaving away in the kitchen. Good catch or what? Leslie has 2 fridges just to store his wines and a cabinet filled with all kinds of cookbooks. Just crazy man....

It was really good to catch up after so long. And you know what, everyone's EXACTLY the same! The siao ones are still siao, the sensible ones still sensible. Andy will be flying to Moscow 2 days before I do for a business trip, so we made plans to catch up there too. And I hope to catch up with Elena and Leslie again for nasi padang in town, hopefully before she pops.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jumbo time!!

Spent the day with Karen and kids, I think. All these posts are back-dated, and I'm really digging into the recesses of my not-so-sharp memories. In the evening, the kids had dinner with mum at home, while Karen and I took off on a whim to Jumbo for black-pepper crab and drunken prawns. Sooo yummy, thanks Karen!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dear, dear Singapore

Can I just say Singapore is bloody expensive now? A Haagen Dazs banana split costs $16.90 and after 10% service and 7% gst, it's a whopping $20! For 3 scoops of ice-cream and two slices of bananas. What else? My favourite Bengawan Solo cake, the chocolate gateau, which used to be S$14.80 or less (small version) went up to S$16.80 and recently to S$18.80! Shopping centres are crowded, people are just buying buying buying.

Even my favourite Golden Shoe Ahkua mee's price has increased, kind of. It's now 2.50/3.00. The last time I ate, it was 2/2.50/3.00. I don't begrudge him of course, he deserves it, but the others are pure cut-throat. Don't get me started on cab fares. Again, I don't begrudge the cab-drivers, they work really hard and I hope they are earning the bulk of the fare rise, but I have a sneaky feeling a lot of the earnings go to the big cab companies, not the drivers.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Arrival from Malacca

My ever-giving mum arrives from Malacca at 7am. She took a cab from Malacca. Last night, when it was just me and the boys, I felt so lousy and lonely. But now that she's here, I know everything's gonna be so good. And I'm right. Within a couple of hours, the place is super-livable. Plus she also brought with her a big tupperware of kampung durian, did I tell you my mum's the best?

Spent the day calling the plumber, handyman, airconman, to ask for quotes for all kinds of repairs. Stressful.

Oh, Brian got his Nintendo DS lite. Paid for by all his Sterling pound savings from his piggy bank.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finders keepers, losers weepers

Arrived at Changi Airport in the afternoon, took a cab home. Happy to see that the place was in excellent and very clean condition. I even wanted to text my agent to thank the tenant for taking care of my place so well! Grrr...anyway, won't elaborate on that, small matter.

Dropped our bags and ever reliable Karen picked us up, and we went to Tampines Metro's 50% closing down sale for me to buy mattress protectors, bed linen, pillow, for our stay in my previously-tenanted place.

Anyway, groggy me did something really stupid. I had bought 3 big bags of stuff, and somehow, after dinner, from the time Karen dropped me off, to the time I went up to my place, I misplaced 1 bag. It was just 10 minutes, and someone swiped the bag. Karen said I definitely took 3 bags out from her car boot. I also had other things to carry, plus the boys to look after. Geram, I lost perfectly new King-sized and Single-sized mattress protectors.

So much for Metro's 50% closing down sale. Save 50% here, lose a whole bag elsewhere. Hai....I think this is just something that happens when there's too much on your mind.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last day in London

I spent my last day in London rushing to Kingston with the boys and Alicia (who drove) to do some last-minute shopping (it's summer sale time after all). Wasn't my lucky day, for lunch, we drove from Kingston to Ealing Common for Sushi Hiro, but the place was packed, and we couldn't wait. So my last meal in London was M&S ready-packed Hoisin Duck Noodles and Kurma prawns, bleah, what a letdown.

Left for Heathrow at about 330pm, flight was packed, but we all managed to sleep, tri-spooning. Movies for this month just not my cup of tea. Absolutely nothing to watch.

There's so much to miss in London. I've enjoyed this great city so much. I'll miss the mahjong, definitely, definitely miss the mahjong. What else? The cheap tabloid magazines, the shopping, the trashy shows like Big Brother :)

And of course the people I've met, who have been such good fun. I've learnt lots from many of them; the SQ wives, school mummies, SUKA ladies, mahjong ladies, everyone's mint (that's a term I picked up from watching trashy shows in UK tv)!

And last but not least, I'll miss the food, glorious foooooood, aiyoh, who else thinks I'm gonna miss the food?

Farewell London. In the words of the current California Governor, "I'll be back".

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bye bye...packers are here....

They're coming to get my MAC....!!! Byeee!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

School memories

One of the many 'art pieces', I mean, art pieces (Brian just saw the quotation marks and protested, asking why are they like that, you mean you don't think they are art pieces??!!) Brian brought back from school on his last day. This is a papier mache sculpted with chicken wire. He insists on taking all of them along, they include lots of breakable pottery items.

Karaoke at the Krauss'

Farewell makan and karaoke at Juliana's. She's leaving for Tokyo this month too. Juliana is someone I met through SUKA, she's a lovely lady who looks ridiculously youthful. She will be missed by all in London, I'm sure of that.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Brian's last day

Brian receiving a present from his headmistress Mrs Gardener who's also one of his Math teachers. Today was also the day report books were sent home.

His headmistress's report on him:

Brian has a quiet confidence. The children around him know that he is 'gifted' and respect him because he does not show off about it. I believe that KGPS has been good for him as he has needed to experience other aspects of the school curriculum that are not so academic. I was very proud of him when he gave his science presentation to the IAPS Inspector. He was brilliant. The school will miss him. I look forward to hearing one day that he is studying at Oxford or Cambridge.

Shiok right to read? Told you before teachers here are super-positive. Go back Singapore, ah, then suffer.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Cupcake time...Brian's turn

Twenty-four cupcakes for Brian's last day tomorrow. Thirteen for Brian's 4K classmates, one for his form teacher, and the rest for the other teachers and 3 other boys from 4G.

Didn't need much pink this time, only 4 girls in his class.

Special place for his two best friends Neil and Cristobal.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Farewell at Shanghai Blues

Had lunch with Joy-Marie and a group of ladies I had met through the Singapore-UK Association (SUKA). The venue was Shanghai Blues near Holborn tube station. We all loved the food here, the dimsum is quite different from your usual dimsum fare, in a very good way. Particularly good were the Shredded duck with yam rolls, seafood rolls with mango, pan-fried turnip cake and the ice-cream (jasmine tea and red bean flavours). Highly recommended!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sean bids farewell

Sean with Miss Jenny on his last day at school. After weeks of settling-in problems, he's finally having a good time at school, and now it's time to leave :(

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cupcake time again...groannn

Made 24 cupcakes today for Sean's last day of school tomorrow. I have every child's name on the cupcakes, pink cakes for the girls and blue ones for the boys. Not very motivated to make gorgeous cupcakes, creative juices just not flowing.

Have another batch to make for Brian's last day on Friday...I'm pooped.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Leongs do Legoland

Weather wasn't promising today but we don't have many free days left in London and so decided to take the boys to Legoland Windsor. Legoland's a smallish theme-park, just 12 miles away from Heathrow Airport.

Looks like a real zoo, doesn't it?

The rides are pretty standard theme-park fare BUT what Eddie and I were really happy about was that for the first time (we've taken him to Europa Park, Movie World and Disneyland Paris), cautious Sean decided he wanted to try most of the rides Brian went on. A very fruitful trip indeed.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sean at SUKA AGM

Today's the Singapore-UK Association's Annual General Meeting. Eddie and I attended with Sean while Brian went to Cristobal's place. With me being the designated photographer (relying on my lauya point-and-shoot camera and even more lauya photo-taking skills) and Eddie also busy with another responsibility, we were quite apprehensive about how Sean would behave during the meeting.

Thankfully, he, the only kid there, was quiet during the proceedings though he did run around a bit before and after the meeting. Here he is quietly reading his Mr Gum & the Biscuit Billionaire book while the AGM proceedings were under way.