Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pleasing a Chinaman's palate

I had lots of pork loins in my freezer (Sainsbury's was having a good deal on them) and was planning to cook Tonkatsu (have uploaded the recipe which I've owed Wendy for some time); at the last minute, decided to be adventurous and do it the sweet and sour way.

I've never tried cooking this as I never had the confidence to do so. My mum cooks this really well and back in the good old days when Eddie used to cook for me (before kids...before marriage...it was the good old days remember?), he also made a mean dish of sweet and sour pork. He did not use bread crumbs to coat the meat, but used crushed Jacob's biscuits instead...yummm.

Back to reality now. After two plus years of cooking, I am now somewhat able to estimate the sauces/ingredients required in the simpler dishes I eat in restaurants. Ed actually said the sweet and sour pork was good (and he's extremely stingy with his praises) and to make good on his praise, he had second helpings of rice. He's such a Chinaman, really loves pork, which I hardly cook. Tonight, besides soup and this dish, there was also steamed minced pork.

Unfortunately, the boys (Brian in particular) don't seem to like sweet and sour style of anything (even in restaurants) and prefer plain Tonkatsu, without any sauce. I have a trio of hard-to-please palates in this house. Grrr....

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