Sunday, April 01, 2007

Scientists know everything?

Sean asked to do the experiment above. He explained, "You bend the tube like a sad face. And then the water will come out." We didn't have a hose so we told him this experiment will have to be done another day. Ed then gave Sean a straw and cup of water and Sean amused himself by blowing bubbles into the water.

Some hours later, I screamed at him when I found water all over the floor, evidence that he's been a bit too enthusiastic while blowing bubbles. As I grumbled and wiped the floor, he said, "You shouldn't scold me."

Me: Why not?
Sean: Because I'm a scientist.
Me: So what if you're a scientist? Why can't I scold you?
Sean: Because scientists know everything*.


*Someone's gonna start using this to win all her arguments.


Hsien Lei said...

Waah!! I'm going to use that excuse from now on. Clever little guy.

Lilian said...

So I wanna know, Dr Know Everything, what's at the end of the universe? :)