Friday, March 23, 2007

Pretty cupcakes all in a row

Look at the freshly baked cupcakes, no cracks, flattish and smooth. Adding 1 tsp of baking powder made the batter rise to just the level I wanted. I still think the muffin cases I'm using are too big. So I'm gonna try baking cupcakes in the smaller cup cases I just bought, without adding baking powder; they should fill up nicely too.

Anyway, this blue-themed arrangement was done for little Ian, who arrived on 15 March, 2 days before little Valerie. None of the Tays is in London to eat the cupcakes though. The creamy looking topping is melted white chocolate.

More cupcakes.


Babypowder said...

You're a natural cupcake genious! Looks lovely and deeeeelicious!

Lilian said...

Xie xie sifu!

Katherine said...

Wow! Beautiful cupcakes for little Ian...Agreed with your sifu. You are a natural cupcake genious.

Your cupcakes for my little one, Valerie not only look lovely but also yummy!yummy! Think should let her try a bit. hehehehe...

Lilian said...

Thanks for eating my cupcakes for me.

Wah, if you let Valerie try even one dot, Wilson will come after you!

Getting enough sleep?