Saturday, March 31, 2007

Of birthdays and bonnets

The rabbit you see is Brian's hat for his school's Easter Bonnet parade this morning. It's basically a rabbit's face, with grass and eggs all around. Gosh, I'm rubbish at art and craft, and this was put together by us at the very last minute. When I drove Brian to school this morning, I was shocked to see the amazing display of bonnets/hats made by the other children/parents. Felt so bad for Brian.

There were these two Brazilian kids who had the most gorgeous hats. I guess coming from a country famous for carnivals and masquerade parades has its advantages. I wish I had photos, will ask their mum, Jane (Ja-nay), if she has pictures. This Brazilian mum is one vivacious lady who oozes sex appeal, totally fitting the stereotype of a samba-dancing Brazilian babe. Hot, hot, hot.

...anyway it's almost 8pm now and Brian is not back yet. His new friend Neil is celebrating his 10th birthday and right after school, Neil's mum took 5 boys (including Brian and Neil) for a pizza-making session at Pizza Express followed by a movie, Meet the Robinsons.

I made 10 cupcakes in a blue theme (Neil's favourite colour) for the birthday boy.

Ed was clearing his leave for the year and took the day off. Since he had to visit someone at Paddington and since we did not need to pick Brian up after school, we decided to keep Sean from school and head for lunch at Pearl Liang.

Verdict? Well, the place is what you would expect of a modern dim sum joint, very chic and classy. It's not entirely minimalist though, more of a chinois style. Food-wise, it's very good, but pretty much your standard dim sum fare. Yauatcha is more interesting (and holds the edge taste-wise too, IMO) but price-wise, Pearl Liang wins it. We had fried beef horfun, charsiewbao, hargao, siewmai, eggtart (above), kingprawn cheongfun, fried turnip cake, and tea for £25, very reasonable by London standards. So boring right what we ordered? Well, all said and eaten, I would still choose Yauatcha over any other dimsum restaurants in London.

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