Monday, March 19, 2007

Not my day...

It was Mother's Day in the UK today. Ed had told the boys that I'll be choosing where to eat and there will be no complaints (this comment was targetted at Brian). So on Saturday, I made a 12 o'clock reservation for Sunday at Pearl Liang, a new Chinese restaurant that had been highly reviewed by many.

I was really looking forward to the meal. Already planning what to order, the usual dimsums and peking duck, and this time with merry faces around the table (Brian is always sulky when we have dimsum).

Urrghh, but darn it, we just couldn't find the darn restaurant. It's part of a new development near Paddington Station, and we drove round and round but couldn't see where this place was. Eventually, we found a parking lot, asked for directions and was walking towards the area when I realised it was too cold to walk. Yes, the arctic winds are back and gosh, it was coldddddd.

We went back to the car, gave up and headed for Bayswater, and Ed was just about to drop us off at Goldmine when the restaurant called. The lady gave us directions again, and I was going yay, another chance. We headed for Paddington, and again we went round and round and couldn't find any parking near enough to the development.

Brian was so happy we ended up at Goldmine again. In all, we drove around for 1.5 hours looking for the restaurant. Just not my day for Pearl Liang. But I reminded everyone there's the proper Mother's Day in May. And we're definitely headed for Pearl Liang then, if not before.

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