Sunday, March 04, 2007

My idea of a perfect day!

We started Saturday with a two-family potluck session at the Yongs. Everyone enjoyed the meal of fried beehoon, sambal prawns, beef shogayaki and baked bbq chicken wings, and not forgetting of course Kat's Tang Yuan. The guys watched the Liverpool vs Man U on Skytv after lunch, Kat helped Brian with his Chinese homework, Sean read while I just lazed around.

I don't think anyone was in much of a mood for chitchat after Liverpool's undeserved 1-0 loss (Wilson is a big fan), so we went home for a much-needed nap, before heading out again to meet the Yongs, Daniel, Joan and Alvin. Our sumptuous spread at New Fortune Cookie.

Click and smile!

Me and the boys were the last out of the restaurant, and the group was outside making plans for a mahjong session at Daniel's place (woo hoo, superb suggestion, me thought). But seeing that we're the only ones with kids to put to sleep, Eddie suggested convening at our place instead.

Drove back home and had a 5-minute lead-time to do a mad-rush house-cleaning before the guests (minus the Yongs) arrived. Shioklah, played 2 rounds. Alvin didn't play, but he watched while enjoying his wine.

Daniel's wife Jeannie joined us around midnight when her shift ended. The cards were quite beautiful though I missed a few fantastic opportunities. I had my first ever cze mor limit (6 tais), collected £19.20 for that game alone. But I threw a limit for Eddie, so kena £12.80 there. Had a few cze mor 5 tais, and overall I was the only winner, best lah. Won £18; £11 from Jeannie/Daniel and £7 from Joan. Ed broke even.

My winnings.

Only went to sleep at 4am. Definitely a perfect day for me!

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