Saturday, March 10, 2007


Sean wanted me to blog about this picture he drew. I was going to anyway.

I knew Sean has been drawing planets and their different moons in school, as he often does at home, but I was surprised to see this drawing he brought home from school. It's the different phases of the moon. On our walk back, I asked him what they were. He pointed to each one from left to right, saying, "This is the new moon, this is the crescent, this is the first quarter, this is the gibbous, this is the full moon, this is the gibbous, this is the last quarter, this is the crescent and this is the new moon again." Confession: I thought gibbous was spelt gibbus until I checked later.

Anyway, he couldn't remember where he got this info from, so when we got home, I tried looking for this info in his numerous Science-related books. Different books gave different variations, and none was quite the same as what Sean drew. For example, one book drew the new moon with a thin crescent, while another showed it to be all dark. Another book called the last quarter the third quarter.

It was in good old Wikipedia that I found the above picture! Well, I know he didn't get the info from Wikipedia, so we're still wondering where the source is. Strange kid this one.

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