Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Bronze for Brian

In the latest of Brian's school quarterly newsletter, his teacher did a short write-up about his entry into the finals of the UK Primary Math Challenge, pretty much what I had already written here.

Well, the results were in yesterday, and Brian achieved a Bronze medal. Out of more than 1400 students invited to the finals, 329 received medals (41 gold, 114 silver and 174 bronze). I don't have his detailed scores yet, but this would put him in the top 0.3% of UK children in Math, and that's against mainly children older than he is.

I had earlier told him it would be a miracle if he got a medal as the competition is really tough (top 1.5% of children in Yrs 5 and 6). Needless to say, we're extremely proud of him. Best of all, he is totally nonchalant/bochap about it, forgetting to tell me about this news that his teacher shared with him, until it was almost time to sleep.

Surely this deserves a blog entry (maybe even two, the next when he takes home his certificate this Friday) labelled Brian :)


Les said...

wah...congratulations Brian and to you. Staying and studying overseas have definitely been good to you guys :)


Lilian said...

Thanks Les! The overseas experience has been great, but the big test is how we'll cope when we eventually return. Keep the comments coming, it's getting lonely here doing my monologue with only the occassional comment from Wendy. Ciao!