Monday, March 19, 2007

Cupcakes anyone?

My first foray into making cupcakes. I'm so not a baking person, but if there's one thing I could possibly 'enjoy' baking, it would be cupcakes. Not the baking part really, but the decorating bit. Anyway, I wanted to bring this batch of cupcakes to St Mary's Hospital where Katherine delivered her 3.2kg baby Valerie Saturday morning. But they were already leaving for home today. I decided against visiting them at home as they would need to settle in first. Not a very good time for cupcakes.

So cupcakes anyone?

ps Wendy, I still need your cupcake & frosting recipe. My frosting seems a bit runny huh? Oh, and my cupcakes did not rise to the top of the paper cups, did I beat the batter for too long?

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