Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chelsea's Cheyne Walk Brasserie

My tooth still aches a little but that did not take an iota away from my enjoyment of the gastronomic delight that is Cheyne Walk Brasserie. Highly recommended by Joy-Marie, a fellow foodie, this French restaurant is tucked in a quiet corner of posh Chelsea.

The picture above says it all. Yummmm...

Above is the view from the back of a real London cab, which I took for the first time ever (very suaku). It wasn't like I had a choice; the bloody London tube lived up to its reputation, totally unreliable (I'm pining for Frankfurt's efficient and on-the-dot U- and S-Bahn). I took the Richmond train which left Sloane Square at 2.25 pm, which would give me just about enough time to run home to get Sean's skate scooter before picking him up at 3.00 pm.

By 2.55 pm, I was only at Turnham Green station, 2 stops away from home, and the train wasn't going any further - owing to - as any Londoner would guess, Signal Failure, what else. It was really stressful, cos Sean's principal gives me the evils when I'm only 5 minutes late, plus Sean gets really unhappy when he's the only one left in school. Thank God there was a cab waiting right outside the tube, and I managed to get to school at 3.15 pm, £9 poorer.

Sean's principal wasn't in sight, phew, and his teacher Una was really nice about it, assuring me the two of them had a good time reading together, and it was good to have that one-on-one time with him. What a wonderful teacher and person she is!

Had after-school coffee with the mothers of two new boys in Brian's year; Varsha and Maiella; Varsha's orginally from India while Maiella is Italian-Haitian, but they've lived in Milan for years. We had such a good but short time talking and laughing; the conversation flowed easily without the awkwardness that usually comes with initial meetings of almost strangers.

So, aside from the tube delay incident, it was a very good day indeed. I can still smell the aroma of the grilled sea-bass, mmmm.....

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