Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Love

730pm, right after watching video clips of little Valerie in Katherine's blog.

Sean: I love Valerie.
Me: Oh...really.
Sean: Yes.
Me: Why?
Sean: Because she's small and cute.

5 minutes later, Ed's turn to watch the clips, while eating Mars icecream bar. Sean watches too for the 4th time.
Ed: Sean, do you want to go and see baby Valerie?
Sean turns to me: Mummy, I want to go and see if Valerie has become a grown-up.


Katherine said...

Hi! My dear Sean, Valerie is waiting for you to play with her at any time.

Lilian, please feel free to come any time. I will be very happy to see you guys...

Babypowder said...

ooh.. Sean is in luuuuuurve.. :)

Lilian said...

Wendy: For now it's still brotherly luuuuurve. He's a loyal boy and has not traded Kyra in for a younger model...yet. So Uncle Gevin still has a formidable rival for little Kyra's affections!

Katherine: Give me a call whenever you're free. The boys' school hols start in about a week. We'll come by then. Sean keeps wanting to watch Valerie's videos! So get Wilson to record more.