Saturday, March 31, 2007

Caterpillar Cupcake

I had some extra cupcakes after making 10 for Neil's birthday so I made this caterpillar cupcake as a surprise for Sean. He woke up this morning and was delighted to see this funny-looking fella.

Of birthdays and bonnets

The rabbit you see is Brian's hat for his school's Easter Bonnet parade this morning. It's basically a rabbit's face, with grass and eggs all around. Gosh, I'm rubbish at art and craft, and this was put together by us at the very last minute. When I drove Brian to school this morning, I was shocked to see the amazing display of bonnets/hats made by the other children/parents. Felt so bad for Brian.

There were these two Brazilian kids who had the most gorgeous hats. I guess coming from a country famous for carnivals and masquerade parades has its advantages. I wish I had photos, will ask their mum, Jane (Ja-nay), if she has pictures. This Brazilian mum is one vivacious lady who oozes sex appeal, totally fitting the stereotype of a samba-dancing Brazilian babe. Hot, hot, hot.

...anyway it's almost 8pm now and Brian is not back yet. His new friend Neil is celebrating his 10th birthday and right after school, Neil's mum took 5 boys (including Brian and Neil) for a pizza-making session at Pizza Express followed by a movie, Meet the Robinsons.

I made 10 cupcakes in a blue theme (Neil's favourite colour) for the birthday boy.

Ed was clearing his leave for the year and took the day off. Since he had to visit someone at Paddington and since we did not need to pick Brian up after school, we decided to keep Sean from school and head for lunch at Pearl Liang.

Verdict? Well, the place is what you would expect of a modern dim sum joint, very chic and classy. It's not entirely minimalist though, more of a chinois style. Food-wise, it's very good, but pretty much your standard dim sum fare. Yauatcha is more interesting (and holds the edge taste-wise too, IMO) but price-wise, Pearl Liang wins it. We had fried beef horfun, charsiewbao, hargao, siewmai, eggtart (above), kingprawn cheongfun, fried turnip cake, and tea for £25, very reasonable by London standards. So boring right what we ordered? Well, all said and eaten, I would still choose Yauatcha over any other dimsum restaurants in London.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

These booties were made for walking...

...and that's just what they'll do,
one of these days these booties are gonna walk all over you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LO {Ian's birth announcement}

This is little Ian, and doesn't he look cute? Love it when babies make this kind of ooooh ooooh face. I did this layout the same time as Valerie's but only now did Sarah finally have the time to email me the exact time of birth as well as to okay the blog posting (I always ask permission before posting children's pictures, never anyhow one okay.)

So tired...

This being Sean's last week at his current school, I decided to capitalise on my current hobby (before the fire fizzles out) and bake cupcakes for his friends and teachers. A big project for me to handle, cos there are 8 teachers and almost 40 children.

After seeing Brian and his schoolmate Ivan (who slept over last night) off, I was all ready to start work. When Sean said he wanted to stay home, I was quietly happy as this meant I won't be interrupted by his school runs.

Phew...was it tiring. In all, I took more than 4 hours to complete the 48 cupcakes. For one, my oven could only bake 12 cupcakes at a time. And I guess it didn't help that I'm such a disorganised person.

I also spent some time making more sugarcraft items. Picture below shows a pink pig, and two pairs of incomplete pink booties.

Sean was mostly neglected and kept coming to ask for food. It was only later that I remembered I hadn't given him a proper lunch...there just wasn't time! Slightly before 2pm, he dozed off while reading (again).

Part of the 48 cupcakes I baked; 8 with individual teacher's names, and the other 40 (which are for his friends) with Sean's name.

And the rest.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fondant fever

Above is the sugarcraft I shaped out of fondant. I've been hunting everywhere for cake decorating supplies and had about resigned myself to the generic Supercook products carried by Sainsbury's, Tesco's and the likes. And then I found Kooks Unlimited. I had passed this Richmond shop numerous times but never went in. Little did I know (well I didn't really care in the past) the tantalising treasures that lie within. I thought of Wendy the moment I stepped into this baker's heaven.

Two and a half exhilarating hours of absolute pleasure later, I stepped out of the shop £40 poorer, and that was after I removed some items from my basket. I'm itching to go back there again tomorrow.

Oooh, but I won't. I'll stay home and bake more cupcakes, this time with home-made sugarcraft decorations. Can't wait.

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's not my fault, blame Weff!

Okay. I know I owe some of you email replies. I promise I'll write soon. I've been really busy this week. And though I may still put up a blog entry daily, most days, I'm really forcing myself to do it, often late in the night when I'm so dead tired. I do it because I had promised myself to blog at least one entry a day.

Anyway, I promise I'll get down to the email replies soon, but if I don't, it's not my fault. It's all because of this. Check it out. It's the nastiest thing designed for brain-twisting since Rubik's cube was invented 30 years ago.

I'm on Level 33 after 24 hours. It is pure mind-bending torture. But so satisfying when you GET IT RIGHT.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Love

730pm, right after watching video clips of little Valerie in Katherine's blog.

Sean: I love Valerie.
Me: Oh...really.
Sean: Yes.
Me: Why?
Sean: Because she's small and cute.

5 minutes later, Ed's turn to watch the clips, while eating Mars icecream bar. Sean watches too for the 4th time.
Ed: Sean, do you want to go and see baby Valerie?
Sean turns to me: Mummy, I want to go and see if Valerie has become a grown-up.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pretty cupcakes all in a row

Look at the freshly baked cupcakes, no cracks, flattish and smooth. Adding 1 tsp of baking powder made the batter rise to just the level I wanted. I still think the muffin cases I'm using are too big. So I'm gonna try baking cupcakes in the smaller cup cases I just bought, without adding baking powder; they should fill up nicely too.

Anyway, this blue-themed arrangement was done for little Ian, who arrived on 15 March, 2 days before little Valerie. None of the Tays is in London to eat the cupcakes though. The creamy looking topping is melted white chocolate.

More cupcakes.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Roald Dahl's Jack & the Beanstalk

Attended Brian's school musical performance of Roald Dahl's Jack & the Beanstalk.

The Yr3s and Yr4s have been practising for a couple of months and rehearsals went full-speed these past 3 weeks, with daily practice and no lessons most days. I doubt if this would ever be allowed in Singapore schools. No lessons?? HOW CAN??...Parents would complain to MOE surely.

I love it that schools here place such great importance on the arts. The children had a superb time and I believe will benefit lots from such experiences.

The musical was held at Waterman's Theatre and as it was in the evening, most fathers attended too. Eddie couldn't go as he is in Singapore. Brian insisted I purchase the DVD which Ed has promised to watch, it cost me a whopping £20.

Anyway we all had a wonderful time. Brian looked cute in his two roles as a trader and an owl. The final full-dress rehearsal was actually this morning (there were two rehearsals today) and a mother had told me there were still many errors. But the children came through during the real event, and it was a big success. Brian later told me his friend Peter said a bad dress rehearsal means good there you go.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hello Valerie!

We finally met little Valerie today. Sean really wanted to see her; he's very intrigued that the baby who was inside Auntie Katherine's big tummy is now a real baby.

From Sean: "Valerie was angry, very angry. Very, very, very angry. She's outside Auntie Katherine's stomach. She was inside her stomach, then she was outside her stomach. She was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very....pretty. We gave her the cupcakes but I think they didn't eat the cupcakes. But did they? She hasn't got any teeth. She's only got gums. And you can't see her teeth now because they haven't grown. She likes to sleep so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so....much. I think she does not want to open her eyes. I think she has very small hands and fingers."

Hee...well, I think Valerie's very cute and and chubby. She definitely doesn't look like a 3-day old to me. Katherine thinks she looks just like Wilson, I think it's too early to tell. There was a hint of double eye-lids when she tried to open her eyes, so there's hope yet that she'll take after her pretty mummy : ) (I can already hear Wilson going What's wrong if baby looks like me? ke ke).

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More cupcakes

My cupcakes are still a bit dense for my liking but better than the other day's batch. The texture of the icing is way smoother now. Both improvements thanks to advice from my baking sifu Wendy.

It took me so many hours just to decorate 12 cupcakes. Why do people say baking destresses them? I just don't understand...I'm practically pooped now, yawwwwnnn....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cupcakes anyone?

My first foray into making cupcakes. I'm so not a baking person, but if there's one thing I could possibly 'enjoy' baking, it would be cupcakes. Not the baking part really, but the decorating bit. Anyway, I wanted to bring this batch of cupcakes to St Mary's Hospital where Katherine delivered her 3.2kg baby Valerie Saturday morning. But they were already leaving for home today. I decided against visiting them at home as they would need to settle in first. Not a very good time for cupcakes.

So cupcakes anyone?

ps Wendy, I still need your cupcake & frosting recipe. My frosting seems a bit runny huh? Oh, and my cupcakes did not rise to the top of the paper cups, did I beat the batter for too long?

Not my day...

It was Mother's Day in the UK today. Ed had told the boys that I'll be choosing where to eat and there will be no complaints (this comment was targetted at Brian). So on Saturday, I made a 12 o'clock reservation for Sunday at Pearl Liang, a new Chinese restaurant that had been highly reviewed by many.

I was really looking forward to the meal. Already planning what to order, the usual dimsums and peking duck, and this time with merry faces around the table (Brian is always sulky when we have dimsum).

Urrghh, but darn it, we just couldn't find the darn restaurant. It's part of a new development near Paddington Station, and we drove round and round but couldn't see where this place was. Eventually, we found a parking lot, asked for directions and was walking towards the area when I realised it was too cold to walk. Yes, the arctic winds are back and gosh, it was coldddddd.

We went back to the car, gave up and headed for Bayswater, and Ed was just about to drop us off at Goldmine when the restaurant called. The lady gave us directions again, and I was going yay, another chance. We headed for Paddington, and again we went round and round and couldn't find any parking near enough to the development.

Brian was so happy we ended up at Goldmine again. In all, we drove around for 1.5 hours looking for the restaurant. Just not my day for Pearl Liang. But I reminded everyone there's the proper Mother's Day in May. And we're definitely headed for Pearl Liang then, if not before.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Latest toy: Tefal Kitchen

They finally had this in stock at Woolworths and I immediately grabbed it. It's a kitchen about Sean's height, with a stove that sizzles when you place the pan on it, a blender with plastic blades that spin, a kettle with a boiling sound and a toaster with bread that pop up. So darn adorable.

And it's only £25, now is this a good buy or what. Eddie won't admit it, but I'm sure deep down he knows this toy surely trumps the monstrosity he bought for £25 last year. And yes, that carpark garage has indeed turned into a white elephant, wasting floor space in my living room.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Medal for Math

Brian was presented his certificate and medal during assembly this morning. And as promised, a blog entry labelled Brian.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Seans eclipses Mummy in Science

The picture above belongs to our landlord and hangs on our living room wall. Before I continue, I will have to qualify first that I have always been absolutely rubbish at Science, so what I will reveal does not reflect my general intelligence, which I think is not too low, especially when it comes to unproductive, trivia-related knowledge.

I knew the black sphere on the right was an eclipse, but I never quite knew what the one on the left was, and I just assumed and told the boys it was the sun. I vaguely remember Sean saying it was a moon once, and I 'corrected' him. It was only two Saturdays ago after this happened (Wendy: You'll have to correct it to Lunar Eclipse, not Lunar Solar Eclipse, chay, like real) that Brian and I realised the orange sphere was indeed a moon.

Last night, I was lying in bed with Sean (Brian had fallen asleep for some time). He was in a pensive mood, and then asked, "Why does the moon block the sun? Is it the solar eclipse?"

As usual, when I'm not sure of the answer, I asked him back, "Is it?" He said, "The solar eclipse is the one that the moon blocks the sun, the lunar eclipse is the one that the earth blocks the sun and the moon gets red."

He went on the demonstrate, using the lamp on the ceiling as the sun, and his two fists as the earth and moon, first the solar eclipse and then the lunar eclipse. I managed to get him to repeat this for the camera, but only once, and then he closed up and wouldn't talk about this anymore.

Transcript: Well, let's say if this is the sun, the sun is right up there, and this is the moon, and this is the earth, the moon blocks the sun,and the earth is,...then you will get no light. And a lunar eclipse means if the sun is here, and this is the earth, and this is the moon, the earth blocks the sun, and the moon is here, then the moon gets red.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sleepover Sleepyheads

A mini United Nations tooth-brushing session in our bathroom this morning. Brian's friends Neil & Cristobal came by after school yesterday for a sleepover. Brian's Malaysian but insists he's Singaporean (*rolls eyes*), Sean's Malaysian too (of course) and at 4 years of age, has lived in 4 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and UK), Neil's Indian but has lived all his life in Milan, while Cristobal's from the South American nation of Argentina. Another British boy Ivan would have been invited to join them but he's down with tonsillitis.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Bronze for Brian

In the latest of Brian's school quarterly newsletter, his teacher did a short write-up about his entry into the finals of the UK Primary Math Challenge, pretty much what I had already written here.

Well, the results were in yesterday, and Brian achieved a Bronze medal. Out of more than 1400 students invited to the finals, 329 received medals (41 gold, 114 silver and 174 bronze). I don't have his detailed scores yet, but this would put him in the top 0.3% of UK children in Math, and that's against mainly children older than he is.

I had earlier told him it would be a miracle if he got a medal as the competition is really tough (top 1.5% of children in Yrs 5 and 6). Needless to say, we're extremely proud of him. Best of all, he is totally nonchalant/bochap about it, forgetting to tell me about this news that his teacher shared with him, until it was almost time to sleep.

Surely this deserves a blog entry (maybe even two, the next when he takes home his certificate this Friday) labelled Brian :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

One recipe, two cuisines!

This is the Tonkatsu I cooked one night, together with a wide spread of other Japanese-inspired dishes.

The next night Eddie was not gonna be back for dinner. With a few pork loins still in the fridge, and very much in a lazy mood, I used the exact same Tonkatsu recipe, but presented it to the boys as Pork Chop & chips.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

House renovation London style

Look at what renovating a house in London entails. Underneath all that scaffolding and cover is a Victorian house exactly like the one on the left. I've seen other houses draped similarly elsewhere in London. I'm not sure if it's a regulatory requirement or a way to allow workers to work through all kinds of adverse weather conditions. But it just means one thing, if you're in the scaffolding business here in London, you'll be rolling in dough baby.

Back to Basics

Recipe added. Can't write much, blood not going to brain, busy trying to digest the bee hoon in my tummy. Nite.

Oh. And the meehoonkueh I cooked on Thursday when I knew Eddie wouldn't be back for dinner.

More petals where??

How do you know your pre-schooler has been watching too much tv? When after seeing two full flowerbeds of daffodils, he walks on and tells his brother, "See more petals on DVD 1."

A simple layout I did of our short visit to Kew Gardens after picking Brian up from school this past Thursday.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Sean wanted me to blog about this picture he drew. I was going to anyway.

I knew Sean has been drawing planets and their different moons in school, as he often does at home, but I was surprised to see this drawing he brought home from school. It's the different phases of the moon. On our walk back, I asked him what they were. He pointed to each one from left to right, saying, "This is the new moon, this is the crescent, this is the first quarter, this is the gibbous, this is the full moon, this is the gibbous, this is the last quarter, this is the crescent and this is the new moon again." Confession: I thought gibbous was spelt gibbus until I checked later.

Anyway, he couldn't remember where he got this info from, so when we got home, I tried looking for this info in his numerous Science-related books. Different books gave different variations, and none was quite the same as what Sean drew. For example, one book drew the new moon with a thin crescent, while another showed it to be all dark. Another book called the last quarter the third quarter.

It was in good old Wikipedia that I found the above picture! Well, I know he didn't get the info from Wikipedia, so we're still wondering where the source is. Strange kid this one.

Friday, March 09, 2007

LO {Lovin' the Louvre}

Me, showing Sean this layout: Sean, do you like this?
Sean, looking somewhat repulsed: No.
Me: Why not?
Sean points to the black part: Because I don't like the black sky....I think it looks like a blackout.

So much for my attempt at Noir Style...thumbs down from the Under 5s.

LO {My Brother, My Friend}

A layout I did for my friend Jen's boys. Jen and I shared a room during our first year in Eusoff Hall back in 1989. Wow, we've known each other for 18 years. We hated each other's guts in the beginning, can't say I blame her...anyone would hate me as a roommate, Miss MessyEverywhere. But we later became best of friends. Love her to bits. She's like a Mother Hen, always so sensible and mature...well, they do say opposites attract!

Her two boys are as different as night and day. Can you guys guess who's the go-by-the-rules brother and who's the rules-are-meant-to-be-broken one? Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

In the mood for babies...not me-lah, Sean...

Sean was on the sofa reading something while I was on the computer. I can't see him when he's sitting there but when it became quiet for some time, I knew he had dozed off.

When I went to check on him, I found him all curled up in a fetal position, with the Human Body book I had bought 2 months ago turned to the section on births and pregnancies. Having 2 very pregnant ladies in our midst these past few months have certainly caused Sean to be very interested in babies and such. I can't wait for him to meet Valerie Yong and (Junior) Tay. Any day now ladies...patience.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The worst day of my life - by Brian

Someone's not been entirely happy that my blog entries labelled Sean are getting disproportionately more than those labelled Brian. I've explained that Sean's still small, hence he does more unexpected things to write about. Anyway, this is the reason for this post and the ice-cream one, and I'm sure there'll be more in future if the trend of Seans outnumbering Brians continues.

The ice-cream poem and this essay are from Brian's English exercise book and were done a couple of months ago. And does anyone else notice a common theme running here? In both of his writings, he has the Mummy scolding the this one, he even has the Mummy calling the child "Ant Brain"...gasp...As if I would ever!....

The worst day of my life

I opened my eyes. Oh boy! A new day! I sat up, and guess what? I bumped my head on the ceiling! I got so angry I kicked the wall. (Come to think of it, what was I thinking?! That the wall would apologise?) So before I started the day, there was a lump on my head and a foot that felt like it had been split in twenty places. I hopped out of bed. Hop, hop, hop.

Mum says, "What's wrong?"



"I hurt my foot."


There's water on my cheek. Now it's onto my neck. Now it's on the floor. You guessed it - I'm crying.

"Crybaby!" says a voice. Sean! I hurl myself at him. That's it! I've almost wrestled him to a standstill!


"I'm so bored!" I say.

Mum says, "OK, we'll go buy shoes."

As we go into the lift the door closes on my foot! Now both feet have been split in twenty places! When we got there, Sean got blue and white shoes. I never liked that combination, did you? I wanted red and white ones. Now that's more like it! But my feet have swollen up too much for the highest size of that shoes, so I have to buy plain white shoes.

Dinnertime! Uh oh! The scent of the greatest foe of my tongue meets my nose. Not broccoli! "I hate broccoli!". So Mum says, "Then go to bed without supper!" (I think I'll call the NSPCC*.)

"Hey Anthony! Who's my favourite cat? Does my favourite cat want to sleep with me?" Anthony lets out a loud meow, then heads in the direction of Sean's room. Even my favourite cat prefers my pesky brother!

That's the worst day of my entire life!

*NSPCC: National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chelsea's Cheyne Walk Brasserie

My tooth still aches a little but that did not take an iota away from my enjoyment of the gastronomic delight that is Cheyne Walk Brasserie. Highly recommended by Joy-Marie, a fellow foodie, this French restaurant is tucked in a quiet corner of posh Chelsea.

The picture above says it all. Yummmm...

Above is the view from the back of a real London cab, which I took for the first time ever (very suaku). It wasn't like I had a choice; the bloody London tube lived up to its reputation, totally unreliable (I'm pining for Frankfurt's efficient and on-the-dot U- and S-Bahn). I took the Richmond train which left Sloane Square at 2.25 pm, which would give me just about enough time to run home to get Sean's skate scooter before picking him up at 3.00 pm.

By 2.55 pm, I was only at Turnham Green station, 2 stops away from home, and the train wasn't going any further - owing to - as any Londoner would guess, Signal Failure, what else. It was really stressful, cos Sean's principal gives me the evils when I'm only 5 minutes late, plus Sean gets really unhappy when he's the only one left in school. Thank God there was a cab waiting right outside the tube, and I managed to get to school at 3.15 pm, £9 poorer.

Sean's principal wasn't in sight, phew, and his teacher Una was really nice about it, assuring me the two of them had a good time reading together, and it was good to have that one-on-one time with him. What a wonderful teacher and person she is!

Had after-school coffee with the mothers of two new boys in Brian's year; Varsha and Maiella; Varsha's orginally from India while Maiella is Italian-Haitian, but they've lived in Milan for years. We had such a good but short time talking and laughing; the conversation flowed easily without the awkwardness that usually comes with initial meetings of almost strangers.

So, aside from the tube delay incident, it was a very good day indeed. I can still smell the aroma of the grilled sea-bass, mmmm.....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things that make you go Hmmmm.....

The photos above were taken in May 2006, outside Sean's school. During school pick-up today, Una, the head teacher of Sean's school, asked, "Have you had his IQ tested?" I mistakenly heard that they had Sean's IQ tested and went, "Huh?" She repeated, "Have you had his IQ tested?" Me a little intrigued, "No..." Una then gives a knowing nod up and down, and said, "You should...he's a genius."

I didn't know how to respond to that and just laughed. She went on to say how lovely he is to teach and told me all the things he did with her today; apparently he was drawing intricate planets/solar system, talking about Saturn and Jupiter and after that reading an encyclopaedia on planets which Una had brought out for him. Sean must have absorbed a lot from Brian's half-term Saturn project.

Like I said, this is one of those things that make you go Hmmmm...I've had similar comments last year from another teacher and also his principal (though she had couched it more negatively, something about the huge gap between Sean's emotional and intellectual development).

I know my boys are no geniuses, and I'm not just saying that to appear humble. They are just bright kids who happen to thrive in the formal school environment (I've met a real boy genius, Brian's godbrother, so I know the difference); yet if I protest too much, I could come across as i) not giving enough credit to my children, ie, not positive or ii) artificially or pretending to be humble or iii) undermining British teachers and the education system cos whenever I hear such things, my natural response is "Oh, what Sean/Brian is doing is very normal. In Singapore, children are doing much more.", which is a fact but...Ooops, what does that say about British children?, so I've learnt to just smile and go "Oh really" and express my sincere appreciation with a "Thank you for all your work with Sean/Brian."

Monday, March 05, 2007

LO {New Year's Day}

Trying out an 8x8 layout.

Everyone, please pray for...

my toothache to go away...ouch ouch ouch.

LO {Sean Snoozing}

Have I mentioned Sean sleeps everywhere? And I mean EVERYWHERE.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My idea of a perfect day!

We started Saturday with a two-family potluck session at the Yongs. Everyone enjoyed the meal of fried beehoon, sambal prawns, beef shogayaki and baked bbq chicken wings, and not forgetting of course Kat's Tang Yuan. The guys watched the Liverpool vs Man U on Skytv after lunch, Kat helped Brian with his Chinese homework, Sean read while I just lazed around.

I don't think anyone was in much of a mood for chitchat after Liverpool's undeserved 1-0 loss (Wilson is a big fan), so we went home for a much-needed nap, before heading out again to meet the Yongs, Daniel, Joan and Alvin. Our sumptuous spread at New Fortune Cookie.

Click and smile!

Me and the boys were the last out of the restaurant, and the group was outside making plans for a mahjong session at Daniel's place (woo hoo, superb suggestion, me thought). But seeing that we're the only ones with kids to put to sleep, Eddie suggested convening at our place instead.

Drove back home and had a 5-minute lead-time to do a mad-rush house-cleaning before the guests (minus the Yongs) arrived. Shioklah, played 2 rounds. Alvin didn't play, but he watched while enjoying his wine.

Daniel's wife Jeannie joined us around midnight when her shift ended. The cards were quite beautiful though I missed a few fantastic opportunities. I had my first ever cze mor limit (6 tais), collected £19.20 for that game alone. But I threw a limit for Eddie, so kena £12.80 there. Had a few cze mor 5 tais, and overall I was the only winner, best lah. Won £18; £11 from Jeannie/Daniel and £7 from Joan. Ed broke even.

My winnings.

Only went to sleep at 4am. Definitely a perfect day for me!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another digital scrapbooking project....

...this is taking up too much of my is back in a mess now :(

My first digital scrapbooking project

This is Katherine, wife of SQ's RMM Wilson, who's excitedly awaiting the arrival of Valerie, anytime now. I chose a pink theme cos Kat is a girly-girl kind of person. I think she looks so fresh and sweet in the photo.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sean does tortoise talk

Sean (reading in a higher-pitch-than-normal voice): Book bum, btardust! Bat's bandruff, beer.
Brian (sitting beside Sean reading something else): Read properly.
Sean: Bello --- Bearth.
Sean: I am speaking tortoise language.
Me (puzzled): What are you reading Sean?
Sean turns to the book cover (photo above): Bpace Btars band Blimy Bayliens.

(Sean's reading this as I type and just gave a big giggly grin. By the way, the first line he read was, in human language, "Look Mum, stardust!" "That's dandruff, dear." and the second "Hello --- Earth.")