Thursday, March 08, 2007

The worst day of my life - by Brian

Someone's not been entirely happy that my blog entries labelled Sean are getting disproportionately more than those labelled Brian. I've explained that Sean's still small, hence he does more unexpected things to write about. Anyway, this is the reason for this post and the ice-cream one, and I'm sure there'll be more in future if the trend of Seans outnumbering Brians continues.

The ice-cream poem and this essay are from Brian's English exercise book and were done a couple of months ago. And does anyone else notice a common theme running here? In both of his writings, he has the Mummy scolding the this one, he even has the Mummy calling the child "Ant Brain"...gasp...As if I would ever!....

The worst day of my life

I opened my eyes. Oh boy! A new day! I sat up, and guess what? I bumped my head on the ceiling! I got so angry I kicked the wall. (Come to think of it, what was I thinking?! That the wall would apologise?) So before I started the day, there was a lump on my head and a foot that felt like it had been split in twenty places. I hopped out of bed. Hop, hop, hop.

Mum says, "What's wrong?"



"I hurt my foot."


There's water on my cheek. Now it's onto my neck. Now it's on the floor. You guessed it - I'm crying.

"Crybaby!" says a voice. Sean! I hurl myself at him. That's it! I've almost wrestled him to a standstill!


"I'm so bored!" I say.

Mum says, "OK, we'll go buy shoes."

As we go into the lift the door closes on my foot! Now both feet have been split in twenty places! When we got there, Sean got blue and white shoes. I never liked that combination, did you? I wanted red and white ones. Now that's more like it! But my feet have swollen up too much for the highest size of that shoes, so I have to buy plain white shoes.

Dinnertime! Uh oh! The scent of the greatest foe of my tongue meets my nose. Not broccoli! "I hate broccoli!". So Mum says, "Then go to bed without supper!" (I think I'll call the NSPCC*.)

"Hey Anthony! Who's my favourite cat? Does my favourite cat want to sleep with me?" Anthony lets out a loud meow, then heads in the direction of Sean's room. Even my favourite cat prefers my pesky brother!

That's the worst day of my entire life!

*NSPCC: National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children

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