Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Specky, 4-eyes, Si Mak Gao...

Here are some pictures of Sean with his new glasses. He's taken to them like a duck to water. The moment he wakes up, he looks for his glasses and wears them, and only takes them off right before he sleeps (and during bath-time of course). I guess the world has suddenly become a clearer place and he doesn't want to go back to his old blurry world again.

1 March 2007 update

In an email from my old hostel roomy-woomy Jen (who's one of the few people in this world who reads this blog regularly, erhm, actually who reads this blog at all), she said this, "Read about Sean's eye sight, felt quite bad, but at the same time, with all the new medical advancements, I think it might not be too much a problem. relax lah."

I then realised I had only blogged about Sean's visit to the ophthalmologist who diagnosed his degree as 250 (R) and 100 (L). When I brought Sean a few days later to the optometrist to get his glasses, the diagnosis was much worse. You see, because Sean's irises are very black, the muscle relaxant eyedrops need a much longer time to work, about 45 minutes compared to the usual 20 minutes. When his muscles were fully relaxed and could no longer help him to see the eyechart, his degree was found to be 350 (R) and 175 (L). How to relax lah Jen!!! For a first pair of glasses, 350! Pengsan, that's as high as my degree.

In UK, they pinpoint the cause to genetics, that's it. Sean has big eyeballs! They don't believe in environmental factors at all, eg reading habits, diet, lack of outdoor activity/sun. They said he's just born like that, big eyeballs, as such, will be short-sighted, no two ways about it.

Sean is only 4.5 years old, I think Brian started wearing spectacles when he was 6. I still think it's reading small words that caused this. Cos Sean has access to books that Brian didn't have when he was 4 years old. He's reading comics that Brian only had when he was 6, eg Tintin (tiny words! Main culprit I believe), Garfield and Calvin&Hobbes and even the Horrible Science series, two particular ones on Outer Space.

For now, however, I've decided to go with what the UK fellas advice. Do not hinder him, let him read what he wants, breaks, no breaks, bad light, good light, read with/without glasses, doesn't matter. Cos all the intervention was stressing everyone up (and they never worked with Brian anyway). In 3 months, Sean's gonna have his eyes checked. If it's stable, then the UK doctors are right, and all the myopia glasses, eye-relax machines, atropine therapy methods advocated in Singapore are just plain money-churning tactics aimed at scaring us poor petrified parents. We'll see.

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