Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sean joins the club : (

From the moment Sean was born, we have marvelled often about how different two brothers sharing the same genes can be. Sean was very active, headstrong and didn't care if you liked him or not; while Brian was the opposite. Sean's motor skills may be average compared to other kids, but is way more advanced than Brian's was. For example, the picture above of a tortoise which Sean coloured and cut so neatly; Brian could never have done at 4.5 years old; in fact, Brian couldn't even hold a scissors properly at Primary 1; honest! His colouring was also all over the place.

Which brings me to the question of personality: Nature or nurture? As Sean grows older, he is losing more of his strong-willed characteristics, and becoming a lot easier to handle. He has lots of quiet time by himself, and no longer needs my constant attention. He still climbs on furniture sometimes (Brian never did) but would stop when reminded to. He loves books like Brian does. He does not hanker after the outdoors as you would expect from an active child. I wonder if the passivity of the rest of the family has rubbed off on him.

One more trait that Sean will soon join the rest of his family in having is myopia. I first wrote about my concern that Sean was straining to see things in mid-Jan. Today, I brought him to see an ophthalmologist, Dr Paul Kinnear of Cromwell Hospital. While I was relieved that there is no squint nor lazy eye, the doctor's diagnosis was worse than I thought; short-sightedness of 250 deg on the right eye, and 100 on the left.

Dr Kinnear said his myopia is probably hereditary since both parents are short-sighted. Sigh...but I only started wearing glasses at 19. So it's definitely from Eddie's side of the family. I always tell people myopia is the price to pay when your child reads early. But Dr Kinnear says myopia has nothing to do with reading and that there is no need to change Sean's reading habits or to stop him from reading. Very puzzling, I'm confused and kek sim, very kek sim.

ps: Sean says the tortoise's name is Ceres and she's the sister of Bonkadinka.

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