Monday, February 12, 2007

Rolls-royce of skate scooters

Last year, I bought a 2-wheeled skate scooter from Woolworth for Brian. Sean became more masterful at riding it though it's actually too high for him. I then started noticing little kids Sean's age riding this 3-wheeled scooter, zipping in and out effortlessly. But when I found out the price, at £40+, wow, it was 4 times what I paid for the 2-wheeled one; now you realise why I call it the Rolls-royce of skate scooters.

More than half a year later, I finally bought it, the Micro Mini Skate Scooter. Eddie couldn't believe how much I or rather, he, paid for it. I hadn't told him the price when I asked him to drop me at the shop while he waited in the car with the boys.

But there's no regrets. No more whinings from Sean, "I can't walk anymore, I'm too tired, carry me..." School runs are so much more pleasant. Well, I have one regret, wish I had bought it the first time I saw it, Sean would have gotten much more mileage out of his Rolls Royce. Being frugal doesn't always pay off.

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