Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reunion dinner in London

Reunion dinner was fun. Of course funlah, I didn't need to cook. We attended a Singapore-UK-Association (SUKA) organised CNY function at Oriental City, Colindale and were seated on one of the two tables sponsored by SQ. The restaurant was crampy, decor was gaudy, people were noisy; very Chinese, I like!

Entertainment throughout the night was provided by Singapore drama diva Ivan Heng and he was quite a riot; dressed up as a Hougang housewife Tiger-Beer lady (see picture above), a Singapore Girl, another persona which I can't remember, and a getai singer I think, judging by the gaudy red flowy outfit he/she wore. Lots of risque jokes, drama-mama gestures and Singlish phrases; definitely contributed to the atmosphere; but we did wonder if the large number of angmohs there got the jokes though.

The two boys in the picture, who were part of the lion-dance troupe, were clueless about what the event was, I think they don't even know it's Chinese New Year tomorrow. The one of the right asked in heavy Brit accent, "Is this a birthday party? What's going on?".

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