Thursday, February 15, 2007

My first London haircut

We've been in London for 1 year and a bit, and Eddie has been the only one to have had a paid haircut here. Hair salons charge a bomb here; the most junior stylist at the salon in Kew where I live charges £41 just for a wash, blow and cut. The local barber charges £12 for children's haircut.

Well, thanks to Katherine's recommendation of a hair salon in Chinatown which charges £40 for wash, blow, cut AND treatment, I got my first London haircut today, in time to welcome the Year of the Piggy.

I had intended to go to the city by myself but was a bit late in getting Sean ready for school. Ended up taking him along with me. He, in turn, ended up getting a smart haircut too, for £6 only.

Here he is at a popular London photo backdrop, Eros, at Picaddilly Circus.

Oh, the 2nd-floor salon, called Elegant (37 Gerrard Street), was spacious and well-decorated but looked deceptively dodgy at street level. The hairstylist Katherine recommended, Jia Wei (same spelling as Brian's chinese name), is a Malaysian from Ipoh!

And here we are, heads much lighter with the hair snipped off; and I was good, cos if I had succumbed to Jia Wei's gentle prodding to do a much better treatment which would render my hair so soft and silky (believe me, I was tempted) my pocket would have been lighter by an extra £40. Oh, the price of vanity.

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