Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kaboom!! Foaming toilet cleaner

Limescale is a fact of life in London and getting rid of it is a real pain. There are lots of products in the market that help and I particularly like a Mr Muscle spray that attacks limescale. But sprays can't work on water-filled toilet bowls. That's where Kaboom comes in. Kaboom is a powder which you pour into the toilet bowl, and that's when the fun begins. The powder turns into foam, lots of foam, it's quite amazing to watch. Nothing else to do but sit back for 15 minutes. Then flush away the grime and stains, that's it, easy-peasy. Well, a little scrub may be required for the more stubborn stains, still, Kaboom's really effective, leaving toilet bowls shiny and white, nice.....

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