Friday, March 02, 2007

Ice cream - by Brian

I love ice cream,
And when I was a boy, I liked it even more.
Sometimes we used to have it for tea.
And Mum would say,
"If there's any left, you can take some to school."
And the next day, I would take it to school
All packed in a mini freezer.
Anyway, one night when I went to bed,
I woke up licking my lips.
My first action was to get out of bed
And avoid stepping on broken toys
And marbles.
I went past Mum and Dad's room,
Oh no! I mustn't step on that big, creaky floorboard.
And I can't jump over it - they'd hear me.
So I climb onto the rough banister.
Ow! A splinter!
But ice cream drives me on.
Down the stairs,
Six steps left.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Into the kitchen,
Is that the freezer?
I put my hand inside...
Ow! It's the oven!
I want to go back.
But I remember,
Ice cream is cold.
It will cure my burn.
I find the freezer,
I open it.
The ice cream!
It glows in the dark.
My splinter...gone.
My burn...gone.
I take a spoonful.
Now this is true happiness.
I put the spoon into the kitchen sink.
I throw the ice cream up.
It's gone.
I go back up.
The next day, I change and go down to breakfast,
"Don't forget to take some ice cream!" says Mum,
I froze.
"What's wrong?"
Mum checks the freezer.
"Where's the ice cream?" "What's that on your head?"
"A splinter."
Mum goes up to check the banister.
A piece of wood missing.
She comes down.
"No ice cream for a year."
Maybe tomorrow she'll forget about it.

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