Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dinner-time snooze

We had a late dinner cos I was busy surfing. Schedule's haywire today. Gave Brian the evening off to relax, no homework, no Chinese, no math practice, nothing, as a reward for having such a good attitude about taking the UK Math Challenge Finals paper today. He said he enjoyed the test (?!). He found it tough though.

Anyway, Sean was fretting towards the end of dinner and did not want to eat the rest of his meal. Yet he wanted oranges or bananas for afterwards. I said NO, finish your dinner. I can't, he whined. Okay, you don't have to finish your dinner, BUT don't ask for anything later. But I'm hungry. Then finish your dinner. This went on a few times, me at the computer, him at the dining table, talking across the living room. When he knew he wasn't gonna get his banana/orange without finishing dinner, he started bawling pitifully. Stop crying! But I want bananaaaaaa....continued bawling. STOP! He stopped. I continued surfing. Next thing I know, it was all quiet. Then Brian shouted, Mummy, Sean's asleep! zzzzzzzz

Oh, we're expecting 4-7 inches of snow tomorrow so may keep the boys in. All of London expecting chaos, should be fun!

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