Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNY with the Yongs

Third day of Chinese New Year and we bai nian at the Yongs, the only visiting we'll be doing this Chinese New Year. Katherine is really very "on" about Chinese New Year; decorated her walls with angpows, prepared so many goodies for us and the boys, such as chocolates, strawberry-longan jelly, cookies including love letters, keropok, lots of mandarin oranges and even fried nian gaos (very yummy). Besides that, she also made fresh chee cheong fun; fed us sooo much. And get this, she's due to deliver her first baby in a couple of weeks! Really puts me to shame. Even the angpow she gave to the boys (photo above) is so cute. She really lives up to her name Auntie Kitty Kat!


After filling our stomachs at the Yongs, we headed home and watched a dvd we had bought just yesterday, Munich, then napped for a bit. We met the Yongs again for dinner. Eddie and Alvin had raved about this Italian restaurant near the airport called La Bettola which they frequent for lunch. I went with high hopes for a superb dinner.

Aside from the Funghi Trifolati cup mushrooms in garlic and chilli sauce (photo above), our other orders did not really live up to expectations. Brian, who never fails to clean up a plate of spaghetti no matter how horrible it is, actually couldn't finish his spaghetti bolognese; he found it too salty.

This is what we ordered:
Shared - Calamari Fritti deep fried squid
Wilson - Costolette Di Agnello Al Rosmarino lamb cutlets in rosemary sauce
Katherine - Saltinbocca Alla Romana veal in white wine and sage sauce topped with parma ham
Eddie - Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare mixed seafood Risotto
Me - Linguine Alle Vongole flat spaghetti with fresh baby clams and white wine sauce topped with fresh copped tomato
Brian - Spaghetti Bolognese
Shared - 3 different types of Italian desserts

The bill came up to a lot more than expected, so overall, it wasn't a great dinner. I won't be going there again, that's for sure. My pound will go a lot further in any restaurant at Bayswater.

As we were about to leave, the old friendly Italian restauranteaur came to Katherine and placing his hand on her huge tummy, said, "It's a girl." more stating than asking. Kat thinks it was a lucky guess. He said it was good luck to touch a pregnant woman's tummy. And Brian quickly hurried over to place his hands on Kat's tummy too, as did I, while Sean kissed it.

Baby Valerie, Auntie Lilian will buy Lotto this week, make sure you let me strike the £8 mil okay? If not beat backside.

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